Information on how to Achieve a Star Rank - Version 1.0

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User Info: PrinceMarthX

9 years ago#21
The requirements are definitely the same but the values are surely different.

Mario Kart Wii is pretty much an advanced version of Mario Kart DS so it makes sense that the rank system is very similar.
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User Info: 1j12

9 years ago#22
^Exactly. If it's not to much trouble, can you (Solidsnake), and Joah request a sticky for this if you haven't already.

User Info: 1j12

9 years ago#23
Last bump for tonight.

User Info: Uiru

9 years ago#24
Are they giving out stickies for conjecture now? A well-written guess is still a guess; please stop trying to pass this off as real information.

User Info: 1j12

9 years ago#25
^This is real information, whether you think it or not.

User Info: 1j12

9 years ago#26

User Info: Jaoh

9 years ago#27
From 1j12 #025
^This is real information, whether you think it or not.

No, no it's not. You are merely assuming that MKWii uses the EXACT same system as MKDS. While this may be true, it has equal chances of not being true.

As of yet, this is pure conjecture. Any true value you see in this is just you projecting it from your own wishful thinking.

No, I will not be requesting a sticky. And if this somehow achieves sticky status, I will be requesting unsticky daily. The last topic that tried this had the EXACT same information. You don't see it in the stickies now, do you? For good reason.

Until this information becomes rock solid truth, this should not be stickied, and should not be pass along as fact.
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User Info: fishytoothy

9 years ago#28
I've gotten 10th one a race and still gotten star rating.

User Info: 1j12

9 years ago#29
Wow. I'm being argued against, when an already stickied topic has false information. That's right, just look at the staff ghosts sticky. Sure my unlocking a fast ghost was only a few seconds off, but that's considered a lot. So like in that topic, why doesn't everybody give me help to make it a "true" Mini-FAQ, instead of just leaving and criticizing it unnecessarily. If you really wanted others to be helped by this, you would actually tell me what I could change.

Also, I didn't say that MK: Wii and MK: DS give star ranks exactly the same. I put it there so people would have an idea of what to expect, since they are based on the same thing. They are in fact, similar.

And if you think the last topic had the EXACT same information, you're sadly mistaken. I changed around a lot of stuff. Try looking at it more in-depth next time.

What of everyone else's "pure conjecture". Everyone has different ideas and different ways of looking at things; who's to say I'm wrong; who's to say I'm right? No one, because there is no one who's opinion is fact.

User Info: towelie892

9 years ago#30
Needs a sticky!
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