Information on how to Achieve a Star Rank - Version 1.0

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User Info: Niavies

7 years ago#221
What is Snaking? Sorry, I'm all new to this kind of stuff. I know what drifting & wheelies are & I know how to do them though.
Is snaking then thing where you shake your WiiMote in mid-air and then you do a flip? x

User Info: drodge1384

7 years ago#222
What you're talking about is tricking out of a jump.

Snaking is continually drifting on a straightaway in order to achieve mini-turbos. It's called snaking because, when done correctly, a racer sort of looks like a slithering snake. It's a lot easier to do on the DS because Ninty tried to curb it somewhat in MKW. Youtube search "mario kart snaking".
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User Info: Ionizer

7 years ago#223
Half the guide has been deleted by mods... Time to unsticky/update it?

User Info: Uiru

7 years ago#224
The last time I tried to point out that this "guide" is basically made up, all my posts got deleted. Whatever moderator "on duty" back then was more concerned with everybody playing nice than misinformation being thrown about as site-sanctioned fact. Luckily, it seems that guy is not around anymore, to the benefit of the boards and site as a whole.

This guide amounts to little more than a suggestion; guesswork and lying do not belong in stickies that new players may mistake for legitimate information and should be unstickied and preferably deleted immediately.

This is like posting a faq/movelist for something like Street Fighter 2 on a Street Fighter 4 board. They're the same, right?

User Info: dratsab

7 years ago#225

User Info: yoda2323

7 years ago#226
I don't know if this has already been said; I really don't want to read the 200+ posts to see if this has already been discussed. I discovered this a really long time ago when I was working on my 3 star rank.

Sometimes when I would race a cup I would get 2 stars and other times I would race the exact same way and get 3 stars. The only difference was the items. When in 1st in playing online I always hold onto my items and drag them behind me to protect against red shells and the like. But when playing against computers either it hurts your ranking or makes it harder to get 3 stars when you don't get an item from an item box because you already have an item or you drop items because of lightning or a POW, etc. In other words, if you don't use your items you won't be able to or it will be very difficult to get 3 stars.
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User Info: quicksilver112

7 years ago#227
^ Not true. I've been working on getting my 3 stars as well. I ALWAYS hold my items because I know the CPUs have extremely good aim with green shells and they usually have red shells too. I've 3 starred almost every cup except 2 yesterday on my first try, racing exactly like i would if it was an online race. I'm usually too far ahead for them to be a threat anyway, but I'm still very paranoid that a red shell will come after me, so I'll hold my items until I get shocked or hit by a POW/Spiny shell. I usually get triple bananas early anyway so I just use them right away and let them follow behind me so I don't have to hold the item button :D

So, I don't agree with you, but I will test it out with the 2 remaining cups I have left. (50cc D:<)
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User Info: trixR4kidzzz

7 years ago#228
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: Llort123

6 years ago#229
I'm surprised that there's no discussion on how to obtain 4 stars...
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User Info: SonicRecords

6 years ago#230
This helped me get my * in 150cc Flower Cup to ***. Just two more cups with * rank and I get a ** rank. Retro Cups already done getting ***.
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