Information on how to Achieve a Star Rank - Version 1.0

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User Info: Jaoh

9 years ago#31
You are projecting that this information is even remotely correct.

It may not be false! I admit this!

But without testing, this cannot be sticky material.
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User Info: Milon

9 years ago#32
Now that you have more information, why don't you write a FAQ for it?

And free bump.
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User Info: 1j12

9 years ago#33
No one actually gave me any information in this topic. (I'm not sure if you were talking to me Milon)

And Joah, you're assuming it's not tested. Why? There's no rhyme or reason to it. You just kind of threw it out there.

And also, by saying it may not be false, you've cornered yourself. That's what this whole argument stemmed from.

User Info: espio4000

9 years ago#34
This will get unstickied. Mine was almost exactly like this and it got stickied twice and unstickied twice. Great info, but I kinda wish I got some credit for making this earlier.
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User Info: 1j12

9 years ago#35
Espio, I'll argue whoever opposes this in hope that this stays stickied. I'm sorry about your topic though.

User Info: bz456

9 years ago#36
HAHA!! someone did it!! I win!!! lol now my buddy owes my 500$
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User Info: MasterPoker

9 years ago#37
Evidence presented: Zero

How the #!@$ did people get conned into stickying this? I much prefer the old system of sticky.
No items? Geez, never seen someone so afraid of Smoke Balls!

User Info: The Admiral

The Admiral
9 years ago#38
This is very helpful and deserves to be stickied, but any specific limits in regards to negative actions are not correct. You can fall off the track (at least) once and still receive 3 stars. You can fall off several times and receive a single star.

As was stated, these events all probably deduct from your score, but you can compensate in other ways. It is certainly possible that some cups are so short that you don't have enough chance to make up points lost from falling off (i.e. Shell Cup), making falls a definite no to three stars. However, on longer cups, like Special and Lightning, you can definitely fall off the course and 3 star it.
- The Admiral

User Info: Jaoh

9 years ago#39

And also, by saying it may not be false, you've cornered yourself. That's what this whole argument stemmed from.

I have not cornered myself in the slightest. I actually leave open the option that you might be right. That means I'll be alright if this all turns out true. It does not detract from my argument in the slightest.

And here we come to the testing argument. And testing isn't quite an accurate word.

Have you checked the devcode to see what HP values are given to any specific action? I'm fairly certain you haven't. In fact, I'm 100% positive of this.

Remove the HP values, and we'll be golden. This is supposed to be a guideline, and should not contain any conjecture or information with no evidence as a testament of act. Get rid of the HP values until someone cracks the devcode and gives us what they really are.

That is my only squabble.

Also, wheelie's can't add to your HP total, unless there are two different HP goals to achieve, depending on your vehicle type.

For example, say Wheelies add 3 points per second sustained, with a multiplier of 2 for a fully sustained wheelie.

If this were true, then bikes would have a distinct advantage over karts because...well, karts can't wheelie, and have nothing to make up for that loss. So then, a new HP goal would be required to make things more 'fair'.

Anyway, point is, remove the values. Nothing is certain about those.

Oh and, unsticky requested
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User Info: Jaoh

9 years ago#40
-Try not use items to catch up to other players (once is allowed.

-- Item Attack --
+5 HP for each successful attack using item.

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