Information on how to Achieve a Star Rank - Version 1.0

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User Info: Jaoh

9 years ago#51
Yep, I raced like 2 cups then dashed online for about a week. Then I finally finished the 50cc cups so I could select from all the tracks when online(lol, I could only pick tracks from first 3 wii cups, and first 2 retros until i did that)

Since having this game two days after release in US, I have yet to complete even *half* of the GPs. I don't even have all the cups unlocked in 100cc or 150cc, and I haven't unlocked Mirror GP at all.

This also means that I have several bikes, karts, and characters left to unlock as well. Bah, who cares -_-
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User Info: GimmieThatGun

9 years ago#52
i dont need this guide im already good
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User Info: tolomalu43

9 years ago#53
how is it that i got 60/60 on the 150cc special cup and i never was in last place, (except the start) yet i only got an A as my ranking.
i just got my 3 star rating on all CC's... the trick is to hit people with items.....b peels, boxes, shells anything like that....
and of course run a good race, dont hit stuff, and boost, stay in first place
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User Info: fishytoothy

9 years ago#55
I think people might be reading too much into stuff like items/hitting walls etc on star rankings. After playing through 150cc on a new profile to unlock all the levels I got 5 three star rankings with one play through. (1-2 stars on the other 3) What I can say about how my three star races differed from my 1 and 2 star races was my margain of victory of the CPU opponents. On some of my three star ones I fell off the level on shortcuts/ hit many walls/ blue shelled a ton, but I always ended up beating the CPU by a huge margain. I was convinced after some of these GPs i would not get 3 stars simply because of these mistakes, but I did every time I had whipped the comp by 10 plus seconds on each level. Obviously if you whip the CPU by wide margains, you will also be getting decent overall times, and 60 points-- don't despair if you fall off, hit walls, get item'd etc, you can still get 3 star with a lot of errors as long as you finish far ahead.

User Info: dgyn14

9 years ago#56
Sweet find

User Info: Teddy925

9 years ago#57
Honestly, the best training to getting 3 stars is beating fast ghosts on Time Trials. It allows you to perfect your drifting/wheelie technique, find all the shortcuts on each stage, trains you not to run into walls/go off stage, and not to hit obstacles on course.
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User Info: slicer4545

9 years ago#58
This should be useful for getting a star next to my name.
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User Info: united_kirby

9 years ago#59
I have the 3 star rank, and I can tell you, automatic > Manual. I did it with Automatic, on a Kart. So don't mind what you're using. I did it with King Boo btw.
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User Info: S_R_P

9 years ago#60
I just got 12 ***s in a row simply by staying in the middle of the track.

IMO the op is full of bull****; all you need to do is stay in the middle of the track and know what parts of the track are counted as offroad despite not slowing you down (the sand in Peach Beach, tiles in N64 and Wii Bowser's and the green bits of DK Mountain are good examples).
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