Can you copy your Save Data onto an SD card?

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User Info: Selite

9 years ago#1
Can you copy your Save Data onto an SD card?

I'm going round a friends tomorrow and cant take the whole Wii, unfortunatley i will have to start Brawl unlocking all over again, but can i at least copy my Mario Kart data over?
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User Info: Monkia17

9 years ago#2
Sadly, no.
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User Info: ElementFun

9 years ago#3
Actually yes you can
just press the copy button on data management in wii settings. but if you have a friend code on that save, dont. or it will mess up that wii
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User Info: Asho

9 years ago#4
You can't copy saves from Online-enabled games.
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User Info: Kirby173

9 years ago#5
What the 3rd poster said.
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User Info: MoogleNo9

9 years ago#6
The Wii itself will inform you that specific data cannot be transferred. I think it has to do with Nintendo trying to make sure nobody loses rating points thens restores their record from better days..

I would have preferred it if they allowed you to transfer your non-Wifi data, and simply zeroed the Wifi records on the SD copy of the save. Restoring that save would simply place you back at a zero record, but you'd still be able to backup other important stuff and even take it over to a friend's if he still doesn't have everything unlocked.
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