Expert Staff Ghosts Topic v.2 - FAQ, Unlock Times, Tips

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    This topic is an update of Crazyreyn’s topic, Some material contained in this topic has been copied directly from that topic or is a modification of information obtained in that topic.

    This topic is meant to be a resource for those attempting to unlock the expert staff ghosts as a means to obtaining unlockable characters and vehicles. It is not intended to be a resource for individuals trying to obtain the best possible records in time trials. For more advanced tips and strategies, please consult the FAQs section of the Mario Kart: Wii board. Additionally, you may find World and Regional Record Ghosts on the Mario Kart Channel on your Wii (hackers have limited this resource recently) as well as on some popular video sharing sites.

    What are Ghosts, and what are Expert Staff Ghosts?

    In Time Trials, you have the options of racing a Solo time trial or racing against a Ghost. When you first Time Trial a specific course, the only ghost available to you is a Normal Staff Ghost. This ghost typically follows a very basic line around the track, makes a few mistakes, and is generally very easy to beat once you have become familiar with the course. After you have completed a time trial on a track, your fastest run on that course is available as a ghost as well. Other ghosts are available through Nintendo’s WFC (World/Regional Record ghosts, friend ghosts, challenge ghosts). The Expert Staff Ghosts are unlockable ghosts. They are significantly faster (7-24 seconds faster depending on the course) than the Normal Staff Ghosts. They follow much tighter lines around the course, make no major mistakes, use shortcuts and other advanced strategies, and can be very difficult to beat even for more accomplished players. Once you have unlocked the Expert Staff Ghost, the Normal Staff Ghost is no longer available.

    How do I unlock the Expert Staff Ghosts?

    An Expert Staff Ghost is unlocked by completing a time trial with a sufficiently fast time. This time is generally 4-7 seconds faster than the Normal staff Ghost time. Once you complete a time trial with a good enough time, you will receive a message stating, “A fast staff ghost has appeared.” (I would strongly advise you to make a list of tracks and mark each one off as you unlock the Expert Staff Ghost. It is an extraordinarily tedious process having to go back and check.)

    What time do I need on (insert track) in order to unlock the Expert Staff Ghost?

    The exact time for each track is unknown. However we do know, for each track, a time which is certain to unlock and a time which definitely does not unlock. For most tracks the difference between the “Unlock” time and the “Doesn’t Unlock” time are small, giving us a relatively good idea of the time needed to unlock each ghost. This information is presented in another post within this topic.

    What do I get for unlocking the Expert Staff Ghosts?

    In addition to a sense of accomplishment as well as having a resource for advanced driving techniques and strategies, there are some characters and vehicles which are revealed by unlocking the Expert Staff Ghosts as well as some that are revealed simply by completing time trials (finishing the race and recording a time). They are:

    Magikruiser (Small Bike) - Set times on 8 different courses
    Birdo - Set times on 16 different courses
    Toadette - Set times on 32 different courses
    Funky Kong - Unlocked 4 Expert Staff Ghosts
    Baby Luigi - Unlocked 8 Expert Staff Ghosts
    Spear/Torpedo (Large Bike)- Unlocked 12 Expert Staff Ghosts
    Sprinter/B Dasher Mk 2 (Medium Kart) - Unlocked 24 Expert Staff Ghosts
    Mii Outfit B - Unlocked all 32 Expert Staff Ghosts