Thunder Cloud Glitch questions.

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User Info: ddesmit2001

7 years ago#1
This is for any hackers that do this, or anyone that knows the answers.

How long before you start dealing damage after giving away thunder clouds?

What can stop the glitch (example: cannons, another cloud, falling off)

Do you only allow a certain number of racers to use the glitch before causing havoc?

You must get 2 clouds for the glitch to work, correct?

The reason I am asking these questions, is because I am fairly new to it. I've only been in 2 rooms where the glitch was offered. I seemed to have difficulty getting 2 clouds before the hacker would start racing. And if the glitch worked, I would loose it sometimes. Also, one time a hacker was activating clouds mid match, I think to screw people up with the glitch and not with the glitch. I stopped to get 2 clouds mid match, and the guy starred me repeatedly (lol). For the record, I don't care for hackers (hate FTW, but FTL can be fun sometimes). But if they are going to offer the glitch, I may as well try for it.
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User Info: Mini_Mii

7 years ago#2
I thought it only required one TC. I did it one time when a hacker was giving out clouds. I took one from him, then passed it back to him and I had the glitch. It was N64 Mario Raceway too, and all the other noobs in the room were too dumb to know about the glitch. Needless to say I won by a LARGE margin, even with the occasional blue shell. Nothing could stop me with all that offroad. I had the glitch for all the laps. As for the rest of your questions, I don't know because I don't hack. (check out 5:20-5:30)
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User Info: Mac-a-lacka

7 years ago#3
I rarely FTL anymore because it's not as fun as it used to be.

Once you're satisfied with how many TC's you've given out, begin raping at will.

Cannons (including the river jump on DK's Jungle Parkway) another TC, and falling off the track are the only known ways to take away the TC glitch. Getting hit by items, using a Mega Mushroom, Star, or Bullet Bill, or any other items will not take away the glitch.

There is no limit to how many people can have the TC glitch. I personally only give it to people on my FL or fellow clan members.

To give the TC glitch, activate one, give it to someone, activate two more on yourself, then you've done it..
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User Info: ddesmit2001

7 years ago#4
So, you only need to touch the hacker 1 time?
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User Info: TysonBane

7 years ago#5
Yup, take it like you would a normal TC and drive off. If it disappears without shrinking you, it's worked.
"I thought what I'd do was, I'd pretend I was one of those deaf-mutes."
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User Info: ddesmit2001

7 years ago#6
Well, that explains why I didn't get it half the time. I was trying to get 2 clouds!
Mario Kart code: 3437-5412-6975: [OF]*Rocky
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