Advanced Tips and Item Management Guide

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    Fake Item Box (aka FIB)
    • These have their pros and cons. They are a bit more powerful than bananas since when hit, a FIB will bring someone to a complete stop instead of just making them spin out, but FIB's cannot block red shells, which can result in some problems.
    • Note that much of the same strategy for bananas applies to FIB's when deciding where to lay them.
    • I recommend if you get a FIB that you keep it concealed. Dragging it behind you only invites trouble because the people behind you with red shells will know you may not have any protection.
    • Most of the time, FIB's are used as a "surprise" attack. By keeping it concealed you can trick the people behind you into thinking you don't have an item. Some people may be foolish enough to try to draft you thinking you don’t have an item. Wait until they let their guard down and then lay the fake box in their face when they least expect it.
    • Another popular use of FIB’s is to lay them right behind a group of real item boxes. This tactic is used quite a bit, so most people are on the lookout, but if you place it well enough, sometimes others can’t see it until it’s too late.

    Red Shell
    • Red shells will home in on the person in front of you automatically; however, sometimes they do not always go where you want them to go.
    • Red shells are usually very easy to block. Even if the person in front of you doesn’t have an item to drag for protection, a smart player can make it run into a wall on any small turn by taking the turn tight. For this reason, I recommend firing them in areas where there are no turns or obstacles on the road. Otherwise the shell probably won’t even reach your opponent.
    • Usually people in front of you will be dragging an item, or have one in reserve for protection, so if you notice that they lay a FIB (which cannot block reds), or you are fairly certain they don’t have anything for protection, be sure to try to take advantage and hit them.
    • It is sometimes possible for you to hit people with red shells even if they have protection if you can get it to hit them from the side. You can sometimes do this by driving slightly behind, and to the side of your opponent and then firing your shell.
    • Many people like to fire their reds right after someone gets blue shelled since they will not have any protection. However, some people frown on this tactic, especially if it is clear you were easily going to pass them anyway.
    • If you really feel like lightning is coming, you can shoot your red and hope the lightning hits, causing the person in front of you to lose their protection and get hit by your red.
    • Perhaps the best use of a red is by shooting it right after a POW. Wait until the last possible second to release your shell, and hopefully after the POW your opponent will be unprotected and get hit.
    • Remember not to get too hasty with your red shells. If you fire them all off too soon people behind you will take advantage with a red shell of their own. Be sure you are safe, or willing to take the risk of being hit before firing.
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