Balance board usable on carpet?

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User Info: siegeshot

9 years ago#1
My DDR pad works just fine on it, but I'm wondering how this'll work on carpet... I know normal scales don't work at all on carpet. :(

User Info: kazmack

9 years ago#2
Im pretty sure one of the guys in the trailer uses it on a carpet... Or at least a rug so I think it would be okay.

User Info: siegeshot

9 years ago#3
I can see that the balance part would work fine, but I'd think the weight'd be WAYY off. Hmmmmmmmm...

User Info: tapion1175

9 years ago#4
If you'r worried about it, you could always get some cardboard or something like that to put under it.
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User Info: dantez72

9 years ago#5
Its says in the manual do not use it on thick carpet. I use it on my carpet which isnt mega think but isnt thin either and it works fine.

The only problem you would have on a carpet is if its that thick its pushing on the under side of the board which would stop the 4 corner legs (which are the sensors) from touching the ground.
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User Info: Ek-Andy

9 years ago#6
I use the Wii Fit on a relativly medium sized carpet, and it generally works fine, although it did say my BMI was ideal and I seriously doubt that.

User Info: jammieboy

9 years ago#7
i use mine on a 1.5cm rug thats really soft ant it works perfectly...

User Info: rocketmagnet

9 years ago#8
My living room is carpeted, my kitchen is laminated. I tried it weighing me on the living room carpet and on the kitchen floor, it put me down as 1.5kgs heavier (sorry don't know lbs) than on the carpet, presumably because it absorbed the weight.

Ideally a thin carpet or laminate floor would be best, but if you can't do that, every measurement will still be on the same carpet, so your weight loss goal should still stand. If you lose 1lb, you will weigh 1lb less on the carpet and on the laminate.

User Info: BioSpark8000

9 years ago#9
I lost around 21lbs by doing it on carpet. Put the pad on a slab of MDF and it started working properly.
The balance was fine before and after, though. I should imagine that the game where you step in time to the music is probably more pleasant on a carpet.
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User Info: Jallen9000

9 years ago#10
it does say that thick carpets can interrupt results, you can however buy extra feet to place underneath the board so it works correctly, only through Nintendo to my knowledge though.
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