Training without shoes is wrong.

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User Info: smn1975

9 years ago#1
I'm not the fittest person in the world, but I use to go to the gym, jogging and stuff like that. For all I know, doing sports without shoes can harm you and is absolutely nonsense.

Now, I own WII fit and I love it, but they were really wrong to show commercials were people wear no shoes. Yes, your balance board will get dirty if you step on it with shoes, so what? Just clean it later or leave it like that.

In gyms there's equipment wich costs thousands of dollars, but people are still allowed to use it wearing shoes... actually the instructors will be mad at you if you start running or a step session bare foot, because you are going to get hurt.

So, my advice is to enjoy the game, but wear sport shoes while doing so!

In general, wearing shoes for many exercises is counterproductive because it diminishes your stretch reflex. Little to no padding is beneficial in order to avoid the delay of pressure transmission. That's why I squat without shoes:

Record-breaker Dr. Fred Clary recognized this and regularly walked and squatted barefoot "just to fire off those receptors", as he put it.

For most of the activities in Wii Fit, bare-foot isn't a problem. It would be better to wear them for the jogging portion, yes.
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User Info: smn1975

9 years ago#3
Well, I believe you are right. However, for the kind of exercise done in WII Fit I believe wearing shoes is a no problem while not wearing them can be harmful, so an advice to always wear them would make more sense. I imagine people that never did sports before using this game (wich is amazing, by the way) and they are even more subject to getting hurt.


User Info: super_fly_02

9 years ago#4
I've experienced zero problems without shoes.
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User Info: stoaster

9 years ago#5
Which exercises In Wii Fit do you think call for shoes? Jogging aside, I don't see any that are particularly high impact unless you're really stomping the floor when doing step or boxing(which don't really need any high impact).

User Info: Steelerfan2K1

9 years ago#6
I can tell you for a fact that exercising barefoot is a common part of real life yoga.

In a real yoga studio, they turn up the heat in the exercise area as part of the whole experience. You need to be barefoot in order to grip the surface of the yoga mat during all of the balance exercises (especially tree pose and others that require you to stand on one leg).

And - if you think about it - nearly every exercise in Wii Fit puts little strain on your feet. The emphasis in on your hips and core for balance.

You have a point with jogging, but since it doesn't use the balance board, you could easily wear shoes (or just not do jogging) if your feet bother you.

User Info: smn1975

9 years ago#7
Right you don't need shoes for yoga.

I think step needs shoes too, and in boxing you are also stepping down from the board while going forward... I am no expert but in step classes my instructor always told me not to step down that way so I guess there's a reason ^^.

Of course you guys have a point, quite all exercises have a very low impact and you never really jump, but still the game is aimed at people who aren't experts and might not notice if they are doing something wrong. It's a matter of fitness culture: maybe the game won't hurt anyone, but then someone might think it's cool to go running barefoot outside or to buy a real step bench and start jumping on and off of it.

Oh well, maybe I'm taking this too seriously... thanks for the replays!

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