the scale accuracy

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User Info: TB87

8 years ago#1
how accurate is the balance board when weighing yourself because in 2 days ive dropped 2 pounds nw this morning ive gained 3 i could see if i was just shoveling my face full of food but im not and im actually more active since i got the wii fit i just got it 2 days ago so is it like 85% accurate or what?
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User Info: LMB072

8 years ago#2
I wonder about it's accuracy sometimes too. I find that frequently I will gain 1.1 or 1.3 pounds in 2 days, but then lose that exact same amount again at the next weigh-in. I know it's possible because your weight can fluctuate by 1 or 2 pounds on any given day, but it makes it hard to know if I really am losing any weight or not. Am I'm always wearing the same workout type clothes so I know the weight that I choose for my clothing can't be causing the daily differences.

User Info: TB87

8 years ago#3
man looks like im gonna need a gym membership because that is happining to me ima try for 2 more days and see how it goes
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User Info: bbg01

8 years ago#4
The Wii board scale is extremely accurate. I weigh myself on my home scale and it is just about the same as the does go up and down each day.

User Info: gatewayzpoint

8 years ago#5
Danm this is like very accurate. Unless you fig it around you'll most likely get a good estimate on your weight. But don't depend on it to be a scale. It's not very accurate, it got my weight -2 pounds.
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User Info: BangoSkank

8 years ago#6
Just keep two things in mind:

1)Like it says, your weight flucuates during the day, so if you're doing the tests at odd times it will look weird.

2) Weight doesn't mean fat, if you've been doing the strength training and other exercise, you may have gained muscle mass. A scale doesn't differerentiate, and it's one of the reasons BMI is such an inaccurate measure.
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User Info: HoratioCraw

8 years ago#7
I approve of your user name, Bango Skank.
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User Info: Gwiz494

8 years ago#8
Also keep track of how much water you drink. If you drink a lot of water in the'll weigh a little bit more. Remember, 1 gallon of water is 8 pounds. So it's quite easy to gain and lose 2 pounds in one day.
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