Anyone know a lot about push ups?

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User Info: RykoLibre

8 years ago#1

Just got Wii fit. Everything works fine...but i'm having problems with the wii fit board being too small. I've seen a lot of threads about this, people complaining about their arms being too close together, and everyone else seems to say toughen it up. I'm wondering if I my be on of those few exceptions however.

I'm a pretty tall guy, in fact, I'm 6 ft 7. Therefore, my arms are a lot longer than most. I do a lot of pushups a day, typically reps of 60 or so. Now...I can do pushups on the wii board...but it's pretty painful. In fact, it hurts my shouldars a lot. I was wondering if it would actually be bad for me to continue doing them with the wii board. What should I be looking for when I do a pushup? I'm wondering if my arms might actually be too long to be using this board...because when I do a normal pushup...i usually touch my chest to the ground...and my arms will not bend enough to allow me to do this on the wii board...and like I said, i get pain in my shouldars. Thanks for any advice.
Biomechanically, close-hand push-ups do not contraindicate any jointns, but are used to focus on the triceps (called diamond push-ups).

Make sure you're pinching back your shoulder blades, like this:

Your elbows should be drawn in close to your sides, not splayed out.

Always keep tension through your body. If you go lax then your joints won't be supported. It helps to dig your fingers into the surface.
"There's only one man worthy enough to be quoted by me." -Pow Pow Punishment
"There's only one man worthy enough to be quoted by me." -Pow Pow Punishment

User Info: sonicsuperfan13

8 years ago#4
that, i agree, is true. diamond pushups in my opinion, is actually much more of a workout. it truly works the triceps at an incredible pace.

the one thing that i love about most of the wiifit games and i wish was in this one is that it relies heavily on balance. for pushups, balance is critical to even pushups for both arms.
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User Info: f4rtb4g

8 years ago#5
it will be hard doing push-up's on the wii fit because your haands need to be close and the closer your hands are the harder it gets but the more your do the better than your arms being spread out

User Info: countpikmin

8 years ago#6
Just put a few books under your chest, and problem solved.
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