Is it me or do evil powers seem superior to good

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  3. Is it me or do evil powers seem superior to good

User Info: Evolution_basic

8 years ago#21
Although I prefer the evil powers, good powers are definitely more powerful. Grenades are flashy but overall weak on evil as the damage isn't improved, there are just more grenades. The lack of energy regeneration hurts to, although you have suck it out of people as an evil guy.

I always prefer the bad guys, but in this game, you are stronger as good.

And space balls FTW.
I Love Myself.......

User Info: stylerprofyler

8 years ago#22
good powers are hands down better, except for overload burst, arc ligthning is much better.
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User Info: VolGanim

8 years ago#23
I maxed out both good and evil and honestly I preferred good way more...

Lightning - I found the evil explosion to be quite useless actually. The energy gain from the good side power was moderately useful, but after I maxed it out it became awesome. The arc spread from heardshots on good is useless though...

Shockwave - Electrifying cars only helped me a few times. Reverse Magnetism, however, was awesome. Helped me get loads of 'air sticky bomb', 'blast and bolt' and 'flying head shock' stunts which really pushed up my xp significantly. Plus its just really cool to see them fly around in slow motion

Missile - I found the cluster missiles to be almost useless. Missile Redirect was more fun than it was useful and the reverse magnetism on it was probably unnecessary. Hard to say which is better because the base power megawatt hammer is really good but the upgrades for it weren't. Probably good because Reverse Magnetism is win...

Grenade - Once again tough choice. The evil bombs were really powerful but in the end I chose good because the AoE and knockdown was really useful. Once I maxed it out, I was one-hitting pretty much anything. I'm pretty sure that it auto-shackles any targets that it knocks down which means that its basically a one hit kill + bonus exp + bonus good points. Good Grenade is probably my favourite power...

Arc Lightning/Overload Burst - Arc Lightning was useless until I maxed it out and even then I barely found many uses for it. It doesn't kill enemies fast enough for the explosions to be useful and since grenade/missile is much more useful for dealing with crowds, the explosions weren't even useful anyway. Overload Burst was a power I rarely used because I actually couldn't find many situations where other powers wouldn't work better. It was also useless until I maxed it out and even then I only used it against those invisible drones...

User Info: VolGanim

8 years ago#24
P.S. You can still abuse Bio Leech on good, because the Grenades give so many goods points that you'll stay Hero for ever. If you Arc Restraint someone BEFORE you take them down then the take down counts as good rather than neutral (same with Bio Leech).

So as a good guy, I was Thunder Dropping off every building and bio leeching enemies to my hearts content but my grenades kept me maxed out...

User Info: MrBlockHead

8 years ago#25
Good Grenades>Evil Grenades
Good Hammer=Evil Hammer
Good Shockwave>Evil Shockwave
Overburst<Arc Lightning
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  3. Is it me or do evil powers seem superior to good

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