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User Info: zekkragnos

9 years ago#1
Um is it just me? cause every time i try to play online i get:
Failed to connect to host. (60.2900000000)
what does that means?

User Info: Retro_Human

9 years ago#2
It's happened to me a few times.
Actually, it's only happened today (I've had the game since release in the UK).
Just keep trying and you should get a game. It's not permanent (at least not for me).

User Info: zekkragnos

9 years ago#3
yeah your right now it works lol, can you use headset online?

User Info: Retro_Human

9 years ago#4
There's no voice in this game.

User Info: scrahfy

9 years ago#5
mine keeps saying connection failed, wish i knew how to fix it=(

User Info: skiptomalou

9 years ago#6

Retro_Human posted...
There's no voice in this game.

yea they took it off cuz ppl just yell and talk smack... they will put it back on in the next update...

Keep in mind that Polyphony is watching the online games and taking notes... so the more ppl crash and act stupid the more chance is that there will be something done about it.

User Info: jrchamp

9 years ago#7

I think that GT5P should have a point system similar to America's Army for the pc. You start with x amount of points and then when you place high (1-3) you get + points. Place in the middle (4-12) you dont gain or loose points, but if you place in the lower bracket (13-16) you loose a small amount of points. Also if you crash, and the amount of time spent off the track, you would loose points. Then people of similar point values would play against each other.

Back to topic... I couldn't play online earlier either. D:

User Info: Retro_Human

9 years ago#8
Most online games are like that, skiptomalou, which is why I block everyone's voice on XBL. I'm no prude, but I just get bored with it.
What really annoys me is that the penalty system is so badly implemented.
A case in point...
Someone ahead of me loses control, or is in a collision, and I can't help hitting them whilst they are still spinning. I get penalised! It's ridiculous. I just don't think that any form of coded penalty system will ever work.
What needs to be done ASAP is
1) Prevent hosts from exiting games and thus killing the game for everyone.
2) Implement some from of lobby system.
Apologies for going off-topic.

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