Anyone play this game yet?

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User Info: srv2623

9 years ago#1
Just curious how good (or bad) it is.

How many cars are there to choose from? On the game's website, they only listed would that kind of suck...

User Info: baddog992

9 years ago#2
1 track and a handful of cars, sounds more like a demo than a real game. Just my 2 cents.

User Info: LegionSoup

9 years ago#3
I played it. The graphics are decent. The "wheel" controls are the best so far on the Wii, at least for me. But, like the guy above me said, there's not a whole lot of content, so unless you like doing the same thing over, not much to do. There is a "mission" mode, but once that's completed, the game is fairly dull. And races are so long that you find your mind wandering.

But the good points are:
-decent wii graphics
-good controls
-random stuff happens (cars seem to blow engines, accidents)

I'll play some more and see.
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  3. Anyone play this game yet?

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