Medals Puzzle.

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User Info: VeggieX

8 years ago#1
I can't find a third medal anywhere I have the Star and Heart one. Where is last please.
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User Info: MinkFenton

8 years ago#2
lol, can't find it either
I am Godzilla. You are Japan!

User Info: MinkFenton

8 years ago#3
found it, you have to duck uder pipes near the stairs in the attic
I am Godzilla. You are Japan!

User Info: Deaths_Blade_7X

8 years ago#4
I cant figure out witch order the medals go in. theres 9 possablities but im too lazy to figure it out.

User Info: hariel721

8 years ago#5
The solution to the puzzle is to just look at the medal box it has the shapes of the medals in the order they go

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