Monster symbolism?

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User Info: silent_hill7811

8 years ago#1

What is everyone's opinion on what each monster symbolized? In my opinion I think its obvious that the nurses represented his sexual frustration, while other mosters seemed to resemble spiders (possibly because Josh loved spiders?)

User Info: NecrossEtos

8 years ago#2
Theres a lot of symbolism, I think someone already did a thread on it here actually. Some things were fan services. The nurses, I think were just there cause they were nurses, the swarms, just to have a small annoying enemy, but the rest I can see a lot of it, especially Siam.

User Info: _Shuyin_

8 years ago#3
The Bogeyman acted as a punisher (much like Pyramid Head did for James in SH2) but he didn't really seemed focused on Alex. More on his father, actually.

The nurses were there because Alex was, in reality, committed to a hospital.
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User Info: MonkeyPeaches

8 years ago#4
after the opening cutscene where Alex is wheeled into that room, the doctor gets owned by Bogeyman just outside the door. you can see part of it.

User Info: _Shuyin_

8 years ago#5
and isn't the doctor actually Alex's father?
Just don't pull a Lionhart and shove your fingers in your ears and go " no no no no no not true" when you hear something you don't like. - OnslaughtX

User Info: DarkDragoonZ

8 years ago#6
It's fairly clear that ALL of the monsters in the entire series were symbolic of something, either to the main characters or someone closely bound to the story.

The nurses kind of depend on perspective. Every guy I know says "SEX!", but all the women discuss fears of hospitalization, failure to heal, ect.

Smog clearly is either death by burning (Alyssa), since he is smoldering and charred all over whilst blowing smoke at Alex, or one last attempt to get people to stop smoking :-)

Lurkers would seem to be a fear of the unknown or unseen (no eyes, hiding underwater), or perhaps a reference to inability to walk (crawling). Death by drowning also can't be ruled out.

Ferals are animalistic instincts like killing, although canine in appearance they exhibit some feline behaviours. Possibly they may just be a reference to animals killed by humans.

Swarms are just giant bugs, and few people even tolerate the normal ones so there's not much symbolism there.

Schisms are a tough call. Bladed axe-like heads, sharklike body structure and movement, birdlike legs... Somebody was smoking something bad there.

Siam is could be several things: MPD, PTSD, Rage blackouts, the list goes on. The point though is a smaller, weaker creature bound to a large, brutish one.

The spiders are just that, spiders. Arachnaphobia is a common condition. The human bodies and bladed arms are really just to make them look freakier. But I think a spiders face is infinitly scarier myself.
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User Info: tigerdusk27

8 years ago#7
I thought that the bosses represented the kids o.o, of the family's children. Bartley's kid is the first boss. Next was Fitche's, then Holloway, and last but not least Shepard cept it was the other way around... it was Josh instead of Alex... all the kids were the sacrefices. Even at the beginning when you are playing for the second time you will notice, it shows how the kids died in that nightmare that Alex was having.

User Info: HuangGai

8 years ago#8

The monsters literally NEVER have an overarching symbolism that is meant to apply to more than just one or two characters. So I'm pretty sure that "well, ALL people are scared of ..." is really valid in this context.

For example, all of the bosses in the game are representative of various "missing" children and their means of death within the game.

In Silent Hill 2, the Nurses took on a far more sexualized ton than their original form in the first Silent Hill. They, along with the hospital, initially appeared due to Alessa's initial, very painful, confinement at the hospital, which fed her fear of nurses. In Silent Hill 2, they were modified to represent James' repressed sexuality that came about due to his invalid wife. Which is why so many of the monsters were very sensuous in their appearance and design in that game. And why Pyramid Head kept raping everything.
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User Info: saika_magoichi

8 years ago#9

I agree with what someone else said either here or on the other board about Siam representing Alex's father and mother, the masculine half being full of rage and destruction while his mother lies indifferent on his back unable to do anything. Something else I picked up on is the meaning of the Ferals. If you look at one of the photos you can find in the game, it was "taken as proof that Alex went into Dad's hunting room" and the photo shows the family dog skinned on the father's table. This leads me to believe that the Ferals represent Alex's family dog which Alex saw skinned and dead on the table when he was just a little kid. If you examine the dog house in the back yard, Alex asks where his dog is, perhaps implying he blocked out the memory like he blocked out the memory of killing Josh.
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User Info: Queen_of_Lazy89

8 years ago#10

Nurses though they retain their over sexified body still represent to me a fear of hospitalization, which makes sense concerning the stuff with Alex.

Siam's on the other hand IIRC DH came out and said that Siams are the unrequited love between Alex and Elle.

Smog though I believe that Smog represents illness of somesort which again fits perfectly well with Alex.

Lurkers tie in with the drowning theme

Ferals though... I'm inclined to believe that the Ferals in some way or form represent Alex's father and that picture only justifies this imo.

As for Schism and the Needlers I have no clue

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