Real Life Silent Hill Town -- TRUE and very creepy!

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User Info: world69star69

8 years ago#1

After buying this game, I was hearing some people talk in forums about, it , and I played sh3 and parts of 4 and ORigins, but i was never really inthralled with the game intil this one. I didn't even know there was a movie made based off the game. I quickly rented the movie, and the story intrigued me about the town..I realize the movie has nothing to do with the game per say, but though at least some of you mite be interested.

I did some reaserch and here the town that the movie was based on is real! Its has had a mine fire burning under it since 1962! 2500 people now only 20 people live there, the rest moved by the government as buildings burnt down roads buckled and land caved in. The Town is called Centrailia and is located in mid-northern Pennsylvania. I live in Bucks county PA which is right outside Philiadelphia. When I was 4 we moved to the mountains, in a small town, that last night i found out was 10 miles north of real life Silent Hill--- Centraila. I was only there a year as my dad developed severe mental phychosis. Coincedance, I don't know.

Anyway. The fire started from a the residents burning the landfill, it was located near a mine entrace. Little did they know that their was a spine of coal near the landfill, it caught and ignited. They put the fire out, not knowing that it was even lit underneath their own homes. Wierd things began happening and one day a gas station owner noticed that the gas was hot real hot. He took a temperature measurement of the gas tank, it read 180f. The government got involved trying to stop the fire, they dug holes in the ground, thinking it would help the fire die. It didn't it fed the fire underground by bringing in a draft thereby causing the fire to spread. It has been spreading in 4 directions expanding every year. People lived in this town until the 80's when the governemt evacuated almost everyone by buying them houses in nearby Ashland. But 20 people in 10 houses refused to leave.

1 kid was walking down the street when the ground caved in and sunck 150 down and 4ft wide, his cousin was there and grabbed him at the last miniute and saved his life. Aparently the heat and carbon monoxide gas would of killed him instantly before he would of ever hit the bottom. The coal fire is so strong and there is so much coal that it will stay burning for another 250 years. It wouls cost over $600 million dollars to even attempt to stop it(while it only cost the gov 42 mil to relocate the town. The zip code has been removed and the town is no longer on the map. Even the main highway has had to be detoured as it has buckled and swailed with pits cracks fissures and and rasied elevation. There is smoke pouring out everywhere. The fire is spreading now into the cemetaries. The area has warning signs speaking of gases , sink holes, and uneven ground, the gas can cause you to hallucenate, pass-out or even die.

I found a few sites online with information about this, which is where i got my is a great video doc some guys made showing the devestation and what is left of the town,...very disturbing... click here watch the video to the left.

main home page of site....

Here is another page that shows before and after pictures...

pictures of the road turn asunder....

main photo page...

here is the link where it says that the silent hill movie is based off this place...

Centralia, Pennsylvania was the inspiration for the movie adaptation of the game Silent Hill. In researching the different elements of Silent Hill, screenwriter Roger Avary came across the town of Centralia, Pennsylvania, an almost abandoned town with a 40 year old coal fire burning underneath it. Centralia planted the seed for what developed into the cinematic version of the town of Silent Hill.

Some of you probably won't give a damn about this, as it really has nothing to do with video games, but I just though since the silent hill movie was based off of this town it was quite interesting.

User Info: Sasori1243

8 years ago#2
Yeah I have heard this story before and find it rather interesting that there is a real life Silent Hill. I would love to see it one day to see what it is like (hopefully I won't die) I would love also to ask the 20 people who live there why they choose not to move from the town. Hopefully film it to.

User Info: MagicEye117

8 years ago#3
nice find i didn't know that. Thanks for enlightening me
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User Info: soltera

8 years ago#4
ya, got to wonder why they wouldnt leave considering how unsafe it is to live there and especially since the gov't was offering them a new home somewhere else
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User Info: tanhauser

8 years ago#5
I have known about Centralia and the mine fire for a few years now. I always thought that somehow, someone over at Konami used it as inspiration when they were coming up with SH... :)


User Info: Ket87

8 years ago#6
Yeah I've heard about it before its very interesting. I live in Westmoreland County and me and some friends had planned to drive up to Centralia but decided not to. If you read into it thats pretty much it, theres nothing there anymore. A few houses where a dozen or so people live and what remains of the old road. All the other buildings have been demolished, every thing is gone. Only a few areas have anything cool to see, a few fissures here and there and some spots where the ground is hot to the touch. We figured it would be pointless to drive for a few hours to look at an abandoned road and get a headache from the low amounts carbon monoxide that still seep through the ground. Had they left the town still standing now that would have been a cool place to visit.

User Info: ein123

8 years ago#7

I would agree a full town but only 15% of the towns population...true silent hill experience....i would wait till dawn and walk would be interesting to see a big town but no one in it...and in silent hill there are only a handful of it would feal like sounds in a big town....interesting

User Info: mansonx

8 years ago#8
Funny how I came here and I actualy live about 3 miles from Cent. its not as bad as the site plays it out to be actualy. Go to our chamber of commerce site and see. Ive lived here for 33 years and nothing funny has ever happened. add me to your psn friends list and ill exchange some phtoso of my area for proof since i am to lazy to post them on PHBUCKET. and It would be easier to just upload them frm cam to ps3 and shuttle them that way. Funny how the sleepy little town is being talked about. alot of the sink holes come from an under ground coal mine that was set afire in an accident. but has since gone out. but we have had resparks in dry heat times of the year.
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User Info: mansonx

8 years ago#9
Ket87 hey add me. I see your from PA as well :) it would be nice to add some more PA folk to my friends list.. you could of came through to see the town actually the carb levels have dropped dramatically. i moved up to this area when I was younger i moved from Somerset county.
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User Info: KingDelita

8 years ago#10
somebody should go to "silent hill" at night and tell us ur experience lulxz
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