Is there going to be a patch for the lack Invert Aim?

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  3. Is there going to be a patch for the lack Invert Aim?

User Info: DamianTV

8 years ago#1

So I just got my copy, plug it in, and the very first thing I notice with in 10 seconds is the game is UNPLAYABLE in its current state with the god damn lack of Inverted Aim feature busted. I got the 360 version and this is absolutely unacceptable. The very easiest of any lines of code is to multiply the Y value by negative 1 to invert the aim. What is so stinking hard about that? Why is this feature busted? Does ANYONE have any idea if there is gonna be a patch or an update or something for the 360 version to fix this? This is an absolute deal breaker. And of all games, I cant believe the screwed it up in Silent Hill. I dont really care what the reviews are, how much people complain, but if I can not control my game I cant play my game. This game is unplayable like this to me and thus has no value.


User Info: abordoli

8 years ago#2
I felt that the regular, non-inverted aiming was sufficient. I don't recall, did they offer inverted-axis aiming in any of the prior 5 games?

User Info: GothamGurl

8 years ago#3
I didn't see you post this, so I'm going to ask.....

Did you check the controls section of the start menu? It lets you invert.

User Info: Om3g4W34p0n

8 years ago#4
i think he means the camera, you can invert aiming but the camera remains non inverted, there is no way of changing it and so far is the only thing I dislike about the game. hopefully they will release and option, don't count on it though.
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User Info: MalifacentX

8 years ago#5

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User Info: krimzonryu921

8 years ago#6

Drop an Email.
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User Info: DamianTV

8 years ago#7

Already did. Im gonna CALL them on the god damn phone about this. I am so beyond pist about this that I've already done a GameSpot review and had to give it a 1.5 until such a time as a patch is released that makes the game playable for me, at which time I will re-review the game to see if I can play it. That camera has screwed me up and Im not even gonna try playing again until they come up with a patch. And if they DONT patch it, then I wont play it. I cant. Its THAT bad. Its like dropping a quadrapalegic in a stick shift and telling him to shift gears with his ass! He might be able to grind his way into first gear but forget even completing a circuit.

I've also submitted news to BLUESNEWS and asked them to post that we the inverted gamers are PIST about this, just to get more attention, and publicity, and other ways to get other gamers to put some pressure on Konami to fix this.

I've also contacted the DEVELOPER and expressed my frustration to them by sending them my review of the game which basically called it one notch above ASS. Konami outsourced this one, as you may know. The developer of this Silent Hill was also the same group of guys that did the first Buffy the Vampire Slayer for the XBox, which amazingly enough and much to my suprise, kicked ASS! The sequel to that game was done by a different developer and it was just ASS.

If anyone wants to contact the DEVELOPER, not KONAMI directly, please do so here:

Now, lets see if we can get teh Angry Video Game Nerd to do a generalized review of games that shove non inverted gameplay down your throats and how much ASS that sucks. Hey, heres one of the AVGN's reviews on another set of games that had ASS for controls! (NSFW) Yeah, thats about how I feel.

User Info: MrPinkOfCanada

8 years ago#8
Damien you're my new hero

User Info: DamianTV

8 years ago#9

Oh, and briefly, I suspect they WILL patch it. They are in hot water because Austraila has refused to allow the game to come out there, but for other reasons. Im not a fan of censorship by any means, but out of curiousity I want to see if they give the aussies a modified version of the game WITH Inverted Camera.

[QUOTE=bluesnews] has a story about the Australian OFLC's refusal to ****fy Silent Hill: Homecoming, meaning the just-released survival/horror sequel cannot be sold down under (story). They say game retailers in Australia are advising customers to "wait out" the ban in hopes an edited version is released. They also report, "Staff at EB Games and Game stores said customers who had pre-ordered the game would be refunded if the title remained banned." The article also discusses the possibility of the addition of an adults-only R18+ rating, expressing hopes that this will possibly be redressed at a meeting in November. On a related note, IGN has details on what exactly the OFLC found so objectionable about the game, which apparently involves gore and power tools. [/QUOTE]

User Info: Cheah001

8 years ago#10
Thank you Damian for that link. I also just sent an email to the Double Helix. I am praying for a patch. Until then i will hold off playing a game i just bought. =(
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