Where do I find the axe?

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  3. Where do I find the axe?

User Info: drdweeb

8 years ago#1
I need to find an axe or something to break the boards blocking the doors. Where can I find one?

Thanks, Help me you my only hope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

User Info: darkprince45

8 years ago#2

When you first get to Silent Hill, off the road, past a truck that crashed.
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User Info: SpardaKing6666

8 years ago#3
Yes what dude just said if you just woke up in old silent hill then just go toward the back of the alley where the only monster is then there is your beautiful new bloody axe

User Info: sk8jim

8 years ago#4
Yea, you have to jump down a level and go under the fire truck and its on the other side of the fire truck
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  3. Where do I find the axe?

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