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User Info: SergeXIII13

9 years ago#1
They wiped the floor with me before I figured out how to got about them, so here are some tips on taking down the enemies you face. I'm sure someone will appreciate them.

Nurses: Nurses attack fast but move slowly and awkwardly. If they get a beat on you, they can do some serious damage via relentless shanking. Avoid fighting them in narrow spaces to avoid giving them an opening should you hit a wall. Use the knife. Its fast and will interupt their attacks, so you should be fine with a chain of X,X,X,Triangle.

Lurkers: Ideally you'll want an axe to handle these guys. A heavy attack can often decapitate them. A safe strategy is to O,X once they get into range, and then charge a couple heavy attacks while they recover.

Ferral: Do not use your axe. I recomend the dagger as it'll interupt them and prevent them from getting an attack off on you. The pipe/crowbar works wonders as well if you pull a X,X, Triangle combo which usually stuns them leaving them open for a critical.

Smog: Avoid fighting these guys at close range as just about everything they do can stun you or knock you down. Use your hand gun to shoot them in the lungs once they expose them. Should take 2 shots.

Needlers: Needlers telegraph their moves the most out of anything, so you should be able to dodge them just fine, and be sure to do it as they'll leave themselves wide open in the process. Take advantage of the opening to land a few hits with your axe. I also find that these guys stun very easily. You can also take them out with a head shot should you have an opening. A final thing: I've often one shotted them with O,X as soon as they come into range. Try it.

Schism: Personally I think these are the most formitable enemies in the game. Keep your distance and shoot them once with the shot gun and while they're down get close and land the final blow with the axe or crowbar. I highly recomend engaging in close range combat with these guys.

Siam: If you have the ammo, dispatch them with 3 shotgun blasts to the face. If not, and if you're feeling more daring, try to circle around and attack the back, the female side, with a crowbar. You should be fine with ammo, though, everytime you run into these guys, though.

Order Member: They should be telegraphing their moves for you as the animations are similar to your own. I recomend using the knife, again, it interupts them and may net you a victory before they can act. The crowbar/pipe can work as well, but be prepared to dodge more. I don't recomend using the axe as its too slow. Careful of rifle toting order members, they can pistol whip you quickly and you'll need to dodge that. If at all possible you should shoot these guys ASAP.
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User Info: SergeXIII13

9 years ago#2
You'll want to use an axe for this. Run in a big circle around them room and roll whenever Spelucher moves (you should avoid most of his attacks this way, even the stuff falling from the celing). position yourself behing a cabinet and trick him into punching it. This should stun him, use the opening to pull off an X,X,Triangle combo on one of the meat sacks. Stun him again and use an X,X combo to finish it off. This should eliminate the sack. repeat this until all the sacks are destroyed and he lands on the ground.
Get in close now and wait for him to raise his hand to strike you and dodge it. His hand should be embeded in the ground, leaving it vulnerable. Hit it once and Spelucher will collapse. Land a few charged heavy attacks. Repeat until you achieve victory.

Ideally you'll have the crowbar for this, if not use the pipe. Prepare to dodge a whole lot. Scarlet will reach back to swipe at you when she attacks. Dodge this and unleash two light attacks on her leg. It should shatter after a while. Do the same to the other leg and she should colapse. Wail on her two arms until they shatter and then focus on her torso. Soon you'll get an indication to jam on the heavy attack button which will lead you to her spider form.
Wait for her to get somewhat close and use O,X to hit her, she should jump at which point you should do it again. This is the most effective way to hit her, I find. Be fast, and rely only on quick attacks right now. Watch for her to lurch back for a pounce and be sure to dodge it. If she climbs onto the ceiling watch for an indication to hit O and wail on her when she misses with charged heavy attacks

The Axe is the weapon that will take advantage of her stunned state. You need to dodge as counter attacks are the only real means of doing any real damage. Namely watch for her to lurch back, this is her grapple, if you dodge it you can counter attack her tail end, eventually stun her and critical her. If you can dodge effectively this fight can take only a minute.

You don't have much choice. Use the knife. I found this one to be straight foward. He'll raise his arm to strike you, dodge that (or get away as the second strike will come soon) and hit one of the other legs. This should open him up for a few hits. Repeat until stage two hits. At this point you'll want to stay close and wait for him to use a vomit attack, dodge this and attack while hes open. Retreat once he recovers though, as he can do a devestating attack should you be within the legs when he isn't in his cool down period.

Feel free to add anything extra.
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User Info: SergeXIII13

9 years ago#3
Typo: I highly recomend AVOIDING close combat with Schism.
My webcomic: G'nerds2000

User Info: Marrow_Chiller

9 years ago#4
I found that if you can dodge one of the Schism's attacks, you actually have an opening where you can land an A,A,X combo with the fire axe. You have to be prepared to dodge after that though. You may feel the urge to try and combo again, but the Schism will punish you if you do. If you get lucky and catch one in the back with an axe, you might have the chance to get off a second A,A,X combo with it.

Also, you can take out Smogs by starting with a counter blow from the axe when they are inhaling for a smog cone. After that, you should be able to sneak in an A,A,X combo. You'll want to dodge directly away from the smog after that though, as the Smog will charge up for a smog burst centered on it, that cannot be interrupted with attacks. Beware on this advice though, I finally figured this out on the last few Smogs in the game and I'm kind of shaky on it now.

There's a bit of an art to it, but if you can catch the nurses at the very edge of the pipe's range and you can keep your combos going smoothly, they're doomed. The knife does work, but if you get caught in one of the nurse's combos, you're going to be hurting for certain. And while there is nothing more satisfying than unleashing an axe on a nurse, it doesn't work too well since the nurses' attacks are so much faster.
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User Info: InCheck

9 years ago#5
avoid nurse groups (fitch's office, town hall underground) completely. turn off your flashlight and radio and walk slowly, they'll just freeze in place. if they're blocking a narrow passage or a doorway, then run a little bit so the sound of your shoes gets them to move a little then walk around them.

shooting smogs with the handgun at a distance is an A+ strategy - the only thing i use the handgun for is them and order members. i'm not a good enough shot to get the needlers in the head and just use a basic dodge-and-slice method for them. one dodge usually allows you to get enough A-A-A-X knife combos in to kill it before it's able to turn and attack again.

though the shotgun works best, i have no problem using the knife vs schisms. just do the A-A-A-X combo, then let go of LT to move in closer and repeat (staying in combat stance the entire time won't let you move fast enough when they get knocked back)

amnion's second form is easy, just keep dodging attacks until the 2 front legs get stuck in the ground, then run in and slice the crap out of her. repeat over and over.
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