Why do you need Xbox LIVE to save??

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User Info: Yennick

7 years ago#1
I'll start out by stating that I don't own an Xbox360 but I bought this game because I found it somewhere for $3. Luckily someone I know has one, however... when I tried playing the game without the system hooked to the internet it said I needed to sign into Xbox LIVE in order to simply save the game!

What's the deal with this? Other than the stupid (and disruptive, I might add) "achievement" system. There is NOTHING about this game that should require it's connection to the internet to play. Is this something standard for all Xbox360 games? If that's the case, I'm glad I don't own this gaming platform.

Anyone have any idea why there is no option to simply save the game without being connected to the internet? Is there some kind of thing (like a memory card or the like) that one can use to bypass the requirement of the net-connection to store Silent Hill: Homecoming save files?

User Info: dynabyte

7 years ago#2
You don't need XBOX Live at all. I happened to have connection problems at my home today and I was 'offline' because of that, and actually got 2 achievements during that period still.

You do need a Profile though. So make sure you're properly logged into one, and then just play.

User Info: Yennick

7 years ago#3
Don't you need the internet to set up a profile though? I guess it seemed counter intuitive to me that you could sign into a profile without the internet there. I still generally don't understand why we need profiles to play the games. I wish gaming would return to the tried and true method of memory cards and other totally non-internet tied non-personalized storage methods. Seems like the online component of this game is pretty useless and all about "bragging rights". Something I could really give two shakes about...

User Info: MRevelle83

7 years ago#4
Yes, you need a profile to save the game. BUT... you do NOT need the Internet to create a profile. You need the Internet to create an Xbox Live profile. You can have offline profiles that are not Xbox Live profiles. Actually, ALL profiles are offline until you actually make the effort to connect them to Xbox Live which is a separate function than making the profiles themselves. There is an option to create them on the dashboard. Or, assuming you have the NXE dashboard, just push the Xbox button on the controller, go to the middle blade, and select Create Profile.

Also, profiles can be set to automatically sign in when the system is started.

Hmm... you must be new to Xbox 360 to not know about profile creation.

User Info: Furryyiffer

6 years ago#5
Achievements have nothing to do with online. -_-
Furries forever! Yiffing all night long.
GLAD, zam.

User Info: KHAOS4

6 years ago#6
The profiles are so that when you save while logged into your own profile, all the saves you see are yours. This way,

A. You don't have to try and figure out which save is yours if you don't play for a while on a shared system

B. You cannot load or save over anybody else's game unless you are signed into their profile.

C. You can track your own achievements, which are NOT solely about bragging rights, they give some replay value to every single game on the 360 as you try to unlock all of them and get a perfect score. Or you could just let that happen in the background and not give a ****, it's your choice.

D. Your preferences for every game you play and your theme, background, etc. are saved for you while anyone else can simply sign into their own profile to have them go back to what they are used to.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something as, though I've played them for many hours before, I just got my 360 this week. However I'm sure you can see the numerous benefits from simply typing in your name.
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  3. Why do you need Xbox LIVE to save??

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