Earthquake miracle (possible spoilers)

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User Info: fortune_cookie9

9 years ago#1
The instructions book says something about having rain, wind, earthquake mircles and more but I'm almost at the end of the game and I only have ran and wind. Where is the earthquake miracle and are there any other ones besides that?
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User Info: RPGgamer1177

9 years ago#2
Earthquake Miracle is given to you when you beat the Black Star place, I don't quite remember the name...
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User Info: Baruch_S

9 years ago#3

You need to get the Black Star from a Search for the Lucky Star hunting grounds. To get the star, you have to play the hunting grounds when it isn't raining. If it isn't raining, you'll kill one of the two animals in the hunting grounds and release a star he ate. Just wait for the star to get done talking and it will toss out the black star. This black star will unlock a new boss that drops the earthquake miracle.

NOTE: You do NOT need to sacrifice a patapon to stop the rain in the hunting ground. Some walkthroughs say this, but it is ENTIRELY INCORRECT. I never sacrificed a patapon, and the second time I checked the hunting grounds it was rain-free. It then remained rain-free for two more missions. You just have to be patient/get lucky to get the rain to stop.

User Info: lizardo_manson

9 years ago#4
I sacrificed on patapon but i think you are right and is really random, if you let die or not a patapon is not requiered.

User Info: DruciferBriggs

9 years ago#5
It is entirely random because I never sacrificed a Patapon. I just kept quiting the mission and going back to see if it stopped raining and eventually it worked. Then it was clear for 4 or 5 in a row which was a good way to earn some extra Ka-ching. :)
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User Info: sockkid21

9 years ago#6
You have to defeat Cioking to get the Earthquake juju. And the last juju is Storm juju which i cant remember where i got it. i m pretty sure it is the third last mission.
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