playing without a CD key?

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  3. playing without a CD key?

User Info: megametroid

9 years ago#1
Yesterday at Wal-Mart I saw that they have Clear Sky just sitting there on the shelf, regardless of the fact that it's not supposed to be out for almost a friggin' week, not to mention the recall that pushes it back even farther. If I bought it, would it be possible to play it without a CD-key somehow? Or could I email GSC and get a CD key?
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User Info: Jpaper

9 years ago#2
They won't let you buy it. I posted about this earlier. i went to 3 different Wal-Marts trying to buy it, and once you get to the checkout, it'll ring up as "sale not allowed".


But i guess that's better than getting home to find out you have a $40 coaster.


User Info: Lucian04

9 years ago#3
Stalker (either shoc or cs) does not require the CD key to play the vanilla game.. It is only required if you plan on playing multiplayer.

User Info: jacobvandy

9 years ago#4
they have it on newegg, and you can buy it, and people have received it already... it just may not have a cdkey, but i don't know anyone who plays the MP anyway..
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User Info: 1_evil_srt

9 years ago#5
seen it yesterday and picked it up from walymary it rang up as invallad so they did a price check for me and i picked it up since wal marts rule is if its on the self its for sale :), there is no cd key on the manual but it ist required to play the vanilla game. so far its a good game its funny seeing all the guys from the first on but much younger lol
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  3. playing without a CD key?

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