Military GAWD please help!

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User Info: ImagineCrossing

9 years ago#1

Hey, I'm on the military level currently.

I have everything down - the cap, the shoes, and the T-shirt. What I DON'T understand are the pants.

I KNOW I've tried every single way.

WHAT pattern is the correct camouflage pattern? Do I have to color in the pants green or brown?

Please please help.

User Info: ImagineCrossing

9 years ago#2

FIRST you have to make the shirt dark brown and add the second to last pattern

then make the pants dark green and add the same pattern

then then the military cap

and the black boots!

User Info: libmem

9 years ago#3

I am also stuck on this level. I tried the suggestion above and it STILL tells me the pants are wrong.... What else can I try??? Thanks for any advice!!!

User Info: ashey321

9 years ago#4
the pants HAVE to be the 2 pair and it needs to be the brown pattern.

User Info: xx_scooter_xx

9 years ago#5

right, this is how i did it!

you get a round-neck t-shirt, with DARK GREEN and the camouflage print wihich is the second to last one.

then, (the cap and the boots are easy) you get the really skinny jeans and do it DARK GREEN with the camouflage pattern again.

hope i helped


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