How long does it take for your hamster to have a baby?

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  3. How long does it take for your hamster to have a baby?

User Info: Insaneymaney

9 years ago#1

and, how long does it take, because my Bell talked to me and my sister in the game, and said that our hamster was able to mate with another hamster, or something like that, and so, if I connect with my sister, how many days or weeks will it take for us to connect, and then wait for like 7-10 days until the mother hamster gets a baby? I don't remember if I was looking at the back of Hamsterz 2, for GBA or DS, but one of them on the back of the case said that your hamster can have up to 6 or 12 baby hamsters, I think? How many babies can the mother hamster get up to? Please Help. Thanks.

User Info: CLTOAM

9 years ago#2
New user question. How do I tell if my hamster is pregnant?

User Info: Insaneymaney

9 years ago#3
I'm not quite sure, but, I think one of the employees at the shop tells you, or the game itself. ~ Like in the first game, when it told yo that the hamster is an adult or something.

User Info: Dj_Andy45

9 years ago#4
Alright guys and girls hello im new to the game but i did some researching around on this site

Anyway to uour question it takes 21 days it says and after you get the baby you unlock more things but whats weird is i unlocked new items with no baby justs having 2 together for around 30 minutes or so or at 12 30pm and i got like this new tunnels, wheels and corn as well maybe shops change at 12pm because its in real life i don't now

Anyway i hope that answered your question it sure answered mine if you like replie back on my other post thnx

User Info: 7893458

9 years ago#5
from 16days to 21days, and if in this time period the hamster did not have a baby, then put the hamsters together for about 30minutes a day for a few days, if the hamsters fight I don't know if thats a good thing, (with real hamsters if the female attacks the male then it mean pregnancy) but keep putting the hamsters together and make sure they are both happy before putting them together. And maybe every now and then put a treat in.
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  3. How long does it take for your hamster to have a baby?

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