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User Info: the_blood_wolf

8 years ago#1

Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice Class World FAQ

Table of Contents
Q1) What is Class World?
Q2) Class World Visitation Limits
Q3) How do I get Class World?
Q4) Class World Details
Q5) Class World Walkthrough
Q6) Class World Duping
Q7) Stats and Notes
Q8) Credits

Q1) What is Class World?
The purpose of going into Class World is to increase the stats of your character that otherwise canít be improved, and to transfer skills, and evilities from other characters. The Class World is basically a mini-Item World with ten floors, where your traveling through the character instead.

Q2) Class World Visitation Limits
While you can only visit the class world a limited number of times per incarnation of the character, the bonuses they acquire will persist when they are reincarnated. The number of times the character can visit the Class World is determine by their quality.

* Good-for-nothing and Incompetent quality characters can make 1 visit per incarnation.
* Average and Skilled quality characters can make 2 visits per incarnation.
* Distinguished and Genius quality characters can make 3 visits per incarnation.
* Using a Mr. Gency Exit counts as a visit. You wonít be able to return to the floor you left on.

Q3) How do I get Class World
After clearing Stage 3 in Chapter 3, you will be allow to establish the Student Council club. Once the club has a leader, the wandering Prinny Sir Pri can appear inside the Academy.

Sir Pri has a random chance of appearing inside the Academy at a random location. Heís not hard to spot, because of his huge afro. Talking to him will enable you to visit the Class World. Sir Pri will disappear after the next time you visit the Class World or after a random number of battles, but will reappear later after some more battles have been won.

Q4) Class World Details
Before entering the Class World, there are a number of choices you can make about what you want by visiting the Class World. The list isnít an requirement to enter the Class World; itís actually to choose what will be behind the (Green) Mystery Classroom gate when you reach the ninth floor of the Class World.

You can enter the Class World even if you donít have the Mana required for the boost. However, you wonít be able to enter the Skill or Evility Inheritance subject unless you have another character in the same club that the other characters have a skill that the Host Character youíre transferring to doesnít have.

The reason you donít have to have the Mana required when entering the Class World is that you can earn Mana and lower the Mana Cost for that character as you go. The character will receive bonus Mana for any Geo Block chains you make, and the Mana cost will go down by 5% if all blocks on a stage are destroyed.

You can get up to a 45% reduction in Mana Costs by the time you reach the Mystery Classroom gate on the 9th floor. If you arenít able to pay the Mana needed for the improvement when you arrive, then nothing will be inside the Mystery Classroom.

If you destroy all the Geo Blocks on the tenth floor of the Class World, a special Green gate will open up. Stepping inside this one will send you to a room with two possible extra boosts on top of what you already acquired on the floor above.

You will either be able to increase the capacity of the Club youíre in, or you will be able to learn a secret skill that canít be find anywhere else in the game if you have the Mana. A good rule of thumb in the Class World is to destroy all Geo Blocks you come across.

User Info: the_blood_wolf

8 years ago#2
Mana Gain and Cost Reduction inside the Class World
* If the Host Characterís Level is 10 or below, then the host character gets 10 Mana per block destroyed.
* If the Host Characterís Level is 11 or higher, then the host character gets 10 Mana per block plus 1 for every 2 levels he is over 10.
* The Host Character cannot receive more than 200 Mana from destroying a single block.
* The Mana Cost of the Mystery Classroom service is reduce by 5% for each floor that had all Geo Blocks destroyed.

Choices before you enter the Class World
Movement : Move +1, Boost 2 Times, Costs 1st: 5,000, 2nd: 50,000
Jumping Power: Jump +1, Boost 25 Times, Costs 2,000 * Increase number
Counter Hits: Counter +1, Boost 2 Times, Costs 1st: 5,000, 2nd: 50,000
Throwing Range: Throw +1, Boost 2 Times, Costs 1st: 5,000, 2nd: 50,000
Critical Rate: Critical Hit +1%, Boost 25 Times, Costs 2,000 * Increase number
Skill Inheritance: Host Inherits from a list of skills of all other members in their club, Costs 10 * Skillís Learn cost
Evility Inheritance: Host Inherits from a list of evilities of all other members in their club, Costs 10 * Skillís Learn Cost

**Only on the 10th floor after all Geo Blocks there have been destroyed. One is chosen at random when you enter.**
Committee Coach: Hostís Club Capacity +1, Up to 7 spaces, Costs 1st: 5,000 2nd: 50,000 3rd: 500,000 4th+: 5,000,000
Old Combat Master: Learn a powerful secret skill, Either 2,400 or 4,800

Inside the Class World
While going through the Class World, youíll notice that the Bonus List, aside from Mr. Gency Exit on the 10th floor, will contain no items at all. This makes the Class World a decent place for characters to get some free Exp without having to fight, and they can earn some money while theyíre at it. However, the stages inside the Class World are very small and the levels of the enemies are all around the level of the character you picked. You should take care when bringing out any weak characters.

One of the big draws of going through the Class World is that you can increase the Equipment Aptitude percentages of the host permanently. As you go through floors of the Class World youíll come across clones (Dropouts) of the Host Character. They are easy to spot as they will have yellow life-bars. If you kill one of these, youíll get a message saying that your Aptitude will increase when you leave the Class World. Itís important that you defeat these targets because theyíll be tallied up at the end. At the tenth floor thereíll be a boss determined by the Hostís quality. Defeating it will also increase your aptitude by an even greater amount.

However, the characterís level when you exit the Class World is the biggest influence of how much your Aptitude will increase by. Unfortunately, the total percentage points get split randomly between various stats in the boost can be assigned to Aptitudes that are already at the 200% limit.

Increasing Equipment Aptitude
* Aptitude +1% if level is from 1 to 19, then +1% more at Level 20 and every Levels thereafter. (Maximum +8%).
* +1% for defeating a Dropout.
* +2% for defeating a Class Secretary (Inside Good-for-nothing or Incompetent Host).
* +3% for defeating a Class Treasurer (Inside Average or Skilled Host).
* +4% for defeating a Class President (Inside Distinguished or Genius Host).

User Info: the_blood_wolf

8 years ago#3
Q5) Class World Walkthrough
This section is where I cover the stuff you really care aboutÖÖ.WHAT TO DO!

Once you cleared 3-3, passed the bill, put a character into the Club, and fought a couple battles, you should get a message saying ďSir Pri is Visiting HQĒ Now we go and look for him. Save after you healed up from your battle and go look for him. Please note that each time you save or restart your game heíll be in a different location, so youíll have to find him again.

Now you should of read the list of things you can boost or learn earlier in this FAQ so since itís asked a lot for this example weíll use teaching Raspberyl Omega Fire from a Fire Mage.

First things first we need to learn Omega Fire. Omega Fire is an exclusive Magic Skill to the Fire Mage/Skull (Witch/Magician). They learn that from the Evilities Master (Ninja) in the Academy for Mana. So you will have to buy the skills Fire, Mega Fire, Giga Fire, and then Omega Fire will become available to buy.

Fire costs 10 Mana
Mega Fire costs 400 Mana
Giga Fire costs 1,200 Mana
Omega Fire costs 4,800 Mana

So we would need 6,410 Mana to buy all the skills including Omega Fire to transfer to Raspberyl. Now for the other side Raspberyl needs to have 48,000 Mana ( 4,800 x 10) in order to be able to buy the skill Omega Fire from the Mystery Classroom on Floor 9.

Now how do we get the Mana on Raspberyl? Obviously by killing monsters or using the Robber Store or True Robber Store clubs. Now if your killing monsters, I would recommend 4-1 (Chapter 4 Stage 1), if your early on in the game, on the second time there the sides are covered in ďMana +50%Ē and itís nothing but Prinnies as enemies. Now you have to actually kill them to get the Mana, make sure they are standing on a panel with Mana + 50% on it to get the bonus. Having Managers on your equipment will increase this quickly.

Now once she has the Mana needed to buy the skill and the Mage has learned Omega Fire, we need to do one more little thing before we enter the Class World. Go to homeroom and put Raspberyl and the Fire Mage, into the Same club, which one doesnít matter and neither have to be leader.

Once all that is prepared we are officially ready to tackle the Class World. Now please note it doesnít matter what level Raspberyl is for this, but Iíll have some more notes at the end of this for the most efficient run through for Class World. This is more or less to teach you the way you do it so you can understand and Iíll make notes too of what you should bring with you at the end also, I want you to learn how to do it first.

Now talk to Sir Pri and enter Class World. Select Raspberyl as host and select the
Skill Inheritance option. Now weíre in Class World. All the enemies should be around Raspberylís level so keep that in mind. Each floor will have a Gatekeeper so you will need to kill him to proceed.

I highly suggest not destroying the Geo Blocks for the 5% drop because itís not worth it in my book. I always got the Mana beforehand to buy the skill. So this example will follow my logic.

When you start off on each floor press triangle go to character and press up. If Raspberyl isnít at the bottom of it just proceed to kill the Gatekeeper and go to the next floor. But if she is take note of this, she will be called a Dropout. On any floor that she appears make sure you kill her before you proceed to the next floor. As it will add more points when you leave

Now once you did that for floors 1-8, youíll be on 9. When floor nine starts it will show you the Green Mystery Classroom, run straight for it.

User Info: the_blood_wolf

8 years ago#4
Inside it will be a person, talk to them. They will be called ďSkilled TeacherĒ or something along the lines of that. Select Inherit Skill and click on Raspberyl. A list of all the skills from the same club members that Raspberyl can learn should appear, select Omega Fire and there we go. Raspberyl learned it.

Talk to the Cat and leave. Youíll be back on Floor 9, kill the Gatekeeper, and proceed to ten. The game will show you the Class World Boss, Defeat him and leave.

Congratulations you learned Omega Fire and got some Equipment Aptitude Bonus points added. Simple right, now letís do a quicker version of this.

First we need make another character called a ďrunnerĒ. A runner is somebody that has the flying status (which allows them to run through chests or enemies with out being obstructed by them). The choices for this are Masked Hero, Mothman, Empusa, Chernobog, White Dragon, and Ifrit. Basically give your runner shoes, and thatís it. Heís done. The more movement he has the better. You can give him an Evility to increase his movement but around 12 movement or so should be enough for Class World since the Stages are always small in it. Or if need be throw the runner for those extra spaces till you can just run straight for the exit. Basically kill the Gatekeeper and move on, till your out.

Q6) Class World Duping
Remember those Drop Outs we saw while going through the Class World, they have the exact equipment that the host has on, right down to the specialists. So basically if you can follow along with me weíre going to take them, but we canít steal them. So what do we do? We need a special item called the ďPuppy Paw Stick.Ē

You can obtain one from the Captain of the Kit Cat Pirates on floors 81+ in the item world, collecting 400 level spheres and talking to the sphere collector in a Mystery Gate, or defeating the Classroom Queen in a Post game file.

Once you have it, equip a character with it and just kill the drop out with any kind of attack and hope you get a piece of their equipment. A message will appear above the ďAptitude will increaseď message saying you obtained an item.

Please note that the chances of stealing this are a set 20% and there is no way of increasing this. So if your trying to dupe items or Innocentís, if you get to floor 10 and no item was duped, just reload and try again.

Q7) Stats and Notes
-It will take 67 times minimum to max out a characters Aptitudes.
-Aptitudes get 100% added to their statís, maximum
- Story characters get an additional 5% Aptitude when they transmigrate (Max 25%)
- The Secret Trainer, Prinny, that can appear in the Mystery Gate on floor ten when all the Geo Blocks are destroyed is extremely rare to come by. I myself only ran into him once out of a hundred times through the Class World.

Lastly if you have any info I missed or overlooked please feel free to add it, Thanks!

Q8) Credits
Most of this was taken from the DoubleJump Books guide for Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice, so big thanks for them.

And Lastly butterfly_2689 for helping me type this up and her support!


User Info: XClaudeX

8 years ago#5
Nice work :)

User Info: RyujiHamada

8 years ago#6
For Q6, you can also steal A Puppy Paw Stick on the Extra Map you fight Axel on. For Q7, the chances for running into the Old Battle Master are about 1/8. I've seen him twice out of maybe 50+ runs. Other than that, kudos!!
Dat ARCANA 4 lyfe ~Tiggy~

User Info: rawratat

8 years ago#7
Nice job, appreciate the effort.

User Info: Shaded_Phoenix

8 years ago#8
Increasing Equipment Aptitude
* Aptitude +1% if level is from 1 to 19, then +1% more at Level 20 and every Levels thereafter. (Maximum +8%).

You mean:

Level 20 and every 10 Levels thereafter.
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User Info: Jiansen

8 years ago#9
Sorry a question, do you need to favor the weapon to learn the skill from the weapon master? (ie. Mao doesn't favor fists so can I get Lion's Roar for him from the armsmaster or do I need to learn it with a fist fighter then inherit it over?)
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User Info: the_blood_wolf

8 years ago#10
Posted 9/10/2008 3:15:28 AM
message detail
Sorry a question, do you need to favor the weapon to learn the skill from the weapon master? (ie. Mao doesn't favor fists so can I get Lion's Roar for him from the armsmaster or do I need to learn it with a fist fighter then inherit it over?)
"When you were born you cried and the world rejoiced, Live your life so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice."

First off, don't be sorry lol.

Honestly I don't know the answer to that since the only time I got the Dojo Master was with Raspberyl as Host (2nd time ever in Class World too >_>) and so you can see why she couldn't learn anything.
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