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User Info: Dawndragon

6 years ago#141
Three Questions.

One: I'm currently raising Characters via Statistician filled Testaments, and Now I'm try to teach a Ranger (Named Archer) Big Bang and the other skills available from the Class World, Roughly how much Mana will I need to let Archer leech from Mao with the True Robber Store in order to get all available skills?

Two: I'm also thinking about making a few runs through the Class World just to raise Aptitudes, are there any subjects I can do that will let me go in to do so without driving up the cost, or preventing me from doing so in the future? e.g; Skill Inheritance without having that character be in a club, that sort of thing.

Three: What Level should I be in order to get the most benefits? Archer is currently 1180.
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User Info: Corkadile

6 years ago#142
1) Ten times the mana cost for each, minus some for each floor you're welding to clear blocks on. Add it up.

2) Your reincarnation cost is going to go up regardless, everything else is static. Doing it sooner or later isn't going to make a difference.

3) 80+. Anything beyond that isn't going to help your gains.

User Info: Dawndragon

6 years ago#143
Thank you.

User Info: crazyisgood

6 years ago#144
thanks for all thuis info
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User Info: crazyisgood

3 years ago#145
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I have some questions regarding the class world bonuses which didn't seem entirely clear as the guides described them. Stuff I need to know before I start le grinding in the postgame:
-Can you only inherit ONE skill and/or evility per class world trip?
-Is the club space expansion a permanent addition across all characters or only for the character you are entering (i.e. do the extra spaces only apply when that specific character is club leader)? Can I basically use a trash character specifically just to level up the clubs?
-Related to the previous questions, how many different things can you spend mana on per CW trip to improve your character or enhance the game in general? Can I for example get + movement/counter, inherit a skill and upgrade a club space in the same trip if I want to?

Also, I know OP mentioned making a new class world guide years ago but the link is now dead. =(
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User Info: Kura-chan

2 years ago#147
Sorry a question, do you need to favor the weapon to learn the skill from the weapon master? (ie. Mao doesn't favor fists so can I get Lion's Roar for him from the armsmaster or do I need to learn it with a fist fighter then inherit it over?)

I took my Pugilist in, got the weapon master, and it allowed her to learn all 12 legendary skills (still only got to pick 1 at a time of course) so she could learn skills from weapons she's not efficient in, so the answer is Yes, Mao could learn Lions Roar from the prinny weaponmaster

User Info: crazyisgood

2 years ago#148
language is leaving me
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User Info: crazyisgood

1 year ago#150
Where is the best place to level up anyone?
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