Mao & Slayers Descent? (spoilers...?)

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User Info: KazuyaSASA

9 years ago#1
There shouldn't be any spoilers involved, but I don't want those ******* crying how I ruined the game for them.......

Anyway, can Mao learn Slayers Descent? It doesn't seem to pop up for me?
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User Info: Chaotic_Anarki

9 years ago#2
The story characters, only learn the first 3 abilities for each weapon forte they have. A few of the special characters, learn 5. The only way to get them more is to teach abilities to anyone who doesn't learn them, is class world, and it costs 10x more mana by default, but can be lowered 45% if you clear all the blocks out of each level. The last 2 skills for a weapon are learned from the portal on the 10th floor of class world, where you have to clear out all the blocks to make it appear.
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User Info: Archimonde123

9 years ago#3
Class world...

User Info: mouchou11

9 years ago#4
he can inherit through class world, you need some1 else with it in ur club

User Info: Terra_Ex

9 years ago#5
he will not learn it naturally. you must teach it him using class world. There are plenty of threads detailing how to do this but briefly:

ie: get a male warrior class up to a certain tier (tier 2/3 iirc) then put him in the same club as Mao. enter Mao's "class world" clear 10 levels and pay 10x the mana for the skill. -Persona 2- Innocent Sin Translation blog
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  3. Mao & Slayers Descent? (spoilers...?)

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