Level 1 - 9999 Comprehensive FAQ *Spoiler Free*

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User Info: raynforce

8 years ago#1
So many people ask about leveling so I thought I would make a small board faq on how to level from level 1 all the way to level 9999 along with full instructions. I will update this as I have time.

Try to make your way to 7-3 with as little grinding as possible. 4-3 is good if you are having trouble making it up to 7-3. Any previous levels are a waste of time to grind at. You may want to beat the game first but this is not at all necessary at this point, it just allows you to enjoy the regular game mode once before turning into a killing god. Don't worry, beating the game does not automatically start a new game cycle, you need to talk to an NPC to do that. There are 8 chapters total FYI.

After clearing level 7-3 at least once grind enemies there until you are confident that you can easily one shot kill them. Mao is a good choice for now since his ultimate move probably hits the most targets at this point. Make sure to sit him in one of the front row corners and put him in the corner res group

Pass a Stonger Enemy Bill and keep grinding in 7-3 until once again you can easily kill the enemies. Repeat this step until you have passed exactly 4 stronger enemies bills. At this point the enemies in 7-3 should be level 99. there is a glitch in the math used for experience that causes level 99 enemies to give exp as though they are level 300 or so, so DO NOT pass any more stronger enemies bills.

At this point you are going to want to place either a female or male monk next to Mao and put them in the honour students club. Also place a male or female cleric next to Mao and put it in the Robbers Club. Go back to 7-3 and keep killing enemies. Every time you get a message that you unlocked the next tier of Monk, go back to the class and replace the current monk with one of a higher class. Once the forth class of monk is available, you no longer need to keep making better classes of monks. Do not make the tier 4 monk yet. As for your cleric, learn all the spells and any evilities you find usefull (but no need to boost any spells at this point) then reincarnate it into the class 4 monk (aptitude does not matter).

Now put you reincarnated cleric/monk into the robbers club next to Mao. Create a theif and put it into the honour student club next to Mao. Go back to grinding 7-3 until you have unlocked the fith tier of Thief (just like you did with the monk, going back to replace the lower tier of thief whenever you can) and have your priest/monk learn all monk abilities and any usefull evilities. Once your cleric/monk has all the needed evilities and all monk skills (especially big bang), reincarnate it as a genius tier 5 thief. Put all the bonus points from the reincarnation into speed. Why a theif? Since it has great speed for fists, a base movement of 6 and the innate ability to steal with great success, a critical ability for later.

Now put your cleric/monk/theif into the honor students club next to Mao. Get Mao to continue grinding in 7-3 and let your cleric/monk/theif leech exp until the point where he can go and one hit kill all the enemies with Big Bang. Now put your cleric/monk/theif into the corner res club, put him in the other front row corner, place a moth monster next to him in the robber club, and level your cleric/monk/thief to level 700 or so while getting the best fist weapon and boots you can.

User Info: raynforce

8 years ago#2
Your cleric/monk/thief should now have at least 7000 mana so go and unlock the house of ordeals bill (only appears once you have enough mana to pass the bill). Next, pass as many weaker enemy bills as you can. Use any remaining mana to boost your big bang ability as much as possible (up to a maximum of about a 1000sp cost big bang). Now go and solo the four house of ordeals maps with just your cleric/monk/thief. You may need a little help from your Mao on HoO3 but you should be fine.

You should be able to one shot all the enemies on HoO4 with your cleric/monk/thief. If not, get Mao to help out a little until you can. Once you can reliably always one shot all the enemies on HoO4 with your cleric/monk/thief, reincarnate Mao as a genius. DO NOT LEVEL HIM! At this point the True Robber Shop should be available to be unlocked from the classroom. Pass the bill then place Mao behind your cleric/monk/thief and in the True Robber Shop. Also change your Moth monster from the Robber shop to the True Robber Shop. Once Mao has 48 000 mana, make sure he is in the same club as your cleric/monk/thief then go to his class world to teach him Big Bang. Optionally, you may want to gather another 30 000 mana for Mao to make two more trips to his class world, once for Omega heal and once for Espoire. As soon as your Moth has 55 000 mana, go to his class world twice, each time to raise his movement. Now reincarnate Mao 4 more times, each time as a Genius (getting the mana for him should be as simple as letting him leech all his mana from your cleric/monk/thief via the True Robber Shop). The reason for this is that each time you reincarnate Mao, he gains 5% aptitude in all of his stats up to a maximum of 25% (5 total reincarnates). Every time you reincarnate Mao, you can go to his Class world up to three times to learn evilities, abilities and stats like movement, crit and attack range most importantly. Although none of these are needed to level, this point will be your only chance to learn these abilities until much much later in the leveling process without having to lose a lot time. Personally, I really like to add crit and 2 movement to him.

After Mao has at least Big Bang and has been reincarnated at least 5 times, it is time to level him up. Put him in the front row next to your cleric/monk/thief and make sure Mao is in the Honor student club. Make sure you have the club where you can select a homeroom teacher unlocked and have a party member in that club. Pick any teacher that gives a bonus to all stats if available or just speed if not. Now keep grinding HoO4 with your cleric/monk/thief until Mao is about level 400. Now buy Mao the best fist weapon and three pairs of shoes. At this point you are going to want to pass stronger enemy bills until where your cleric/monk/thief almost but can't quite kill any of the enemies in one hit on HoO4 anymore. Bring in Mao to finish them off with his shiny new Big Bang and watch his levels soar. Keep finishing enemies off with Mao until he can one hit kill them then, make stronger enemies, let your cleric/monk/thief get the finishing blow until he can one hit kill them, stronger enemies, Mao one hit kill, stronger enemies, cleric/monk/thief one hit kill, stronger enemies... and just keep doing that cycle until both your Mao and your cleric/monk/thief are about level 3000 - 5000. If you ever accidentally raise the enemy levels too high, you can always just bring Sapphire out and just stand her next to someone for a 20% stat increase for a little while. Make sure you upgrade Mao's Big Bang ability whenever you can up to a maximum of about a 1000sp cost.

User Info: raynforce

8 years ago#3
Optional: Now fill your entire classroom with a bunch of level 1 incompetents (you will be deleting these all later, so class and competency does not matter at all). Make sure at least one person is in the nursing club (and unlock that club in the homeroom if you haven't already). Go back to HoO4. Run both Mao and your cleric/monk/thief to their Big Bang positions but don't actually use Big Bang. Use any other non-monster character to run up, grab an enemy and throw them into your base panel. This should kill everyone except for the three people not in the base panel. Now kill all the enemies with Big Bang and run to the nurse to heal and revive everyone. Do this until the hospital states that it has revived at least 300 people. Now you can delete any characters you don't want to keep. More than likely by now you have healed at least 980 000hp and 480 000sp, but if not, just keep equipping Mao with sp and hp reducing weights, removing them, then healing him in the hospital until you have. By this point the Testament should become available as a reward at the hospital. If it is not legendary, exit the reward screen and go back in. Keep doing this until you get a legendary Testament.

Optional 2: If you want go to level 4-3. Take one non Mao character and kill all the war slugs except for the 3-4 closest ones to the base panel. Once that is done, stand next to the geo block at the back that gives the 10% increase in level. Let the remaining war slugs level until they are just under but NEVER ABOVE Mao's level. Toss the slugs until you base panel for a few easy high level characters. Make sure Mao never leaves the base panel though. You should not need these guys, but they make for good insurance in case you screw up somewhere later (like when you leave you level 9999 character on an instant death geo panel, ouch).

Now it is time to go to the item world. First, go into three pairs of high level regular shoes and pass an increased movement bill in each of them. In the item world, use your Moth with high movement (thought I forgot about him didn't you) to dash towards the exits. If he can't quite make it, use one of your monks to throw him up a little further. If the gate is guarded, use monks to throw your cleric/monk/thief close enough to one hit kill the gatekeeper, then run your moth to it. Be sure to kill all the enemies on the 10th floor (the one with the item boss) so you can get the Mr. Gency's exit from the rank 0 bonus reward. If you are unlucky and don't get an innocent town after going in the gate on floor 10, just keep going until you do. If you get none, just repeat the process on a new shoe. The Mr.Gency's exits you are earning on each 10th floor will come in extremely useful later anyways. If you do pass the movement bill, just leave the item via the npc in innocent town. Every time you get a two movement shoe, equip it on your moth until he has three 2 movement shoes.

User Info: raynforce

8 years ago#4
Now go into any legendary item. Any item is fine but I suggest that while you are here, you may as well level a good item so I went into the legendary Testament I got from the hospital. Go as fast as you can towards level 61 of the item the same way as you did with the shoes. Be sure to enter any mystery rooms, kill innocents and if you see a level orb, make sure someone is holding onto it when you go through the gate to the next level. Pass any bills you want whenever you encounter innocent town (personally, I chose the greater Strength, greater Speed and Movement bills). Once you are at level 61, Mr. Gency out, and save. Go back into the item, wait 3 turns, and hope that pirates arrive. If they don't after three turns, quit and reload. Once you kill the pirates and everything else on the screen, two new clubs can be unlocked. Mr.Gency out. Pass the bill for the Pirating club (PPP Club), put some people into that club, and save. You will have gotten the pirate ship from the pirates you killed. If you want, at this point keep trying to get specifically Z pirates for their cloud ship (the best ship). If you don't want to, just continue on until the last floor of the item. Don't worry about a perfectly optimized item, you will be working on that later, this is just a temporary item to hold you over until you are level 9999 and in the Land of Carnage (more about this later).

Now that you have an uber level 100 - 150 testament, take all the innocents out of it and save. Go back into the item but this time choosing to reverse pirate. Chose floor 20. Look for statistician innocents that may randomly appear when you first enter the item. If there are none, quit and reload the game. You may also want to quit and reload if the level layout is a real pain in the bum to go through. If possible, try to throw statistician onto your pirate ship. Every ship has a maximum amount of items/innocents that it can hold. It also has a maximum number of turns that it stay before it flies away and the level automatically ends. You may also kill innocents to "subdue" them, but they will not be as high level as if you were to throw them onto your ship. You can also bring level orbs onto your ship for some extra item levels to your testament (or whatever legendary item you chose to level). You may do this for every 20th floor of the legendary item, just make sure to collect those statistician and make room for more if your item become full. Just an FYI, statistician can be max level 300, increase your exp gain by 1%/level, and you can stack them on items (aka, you can have 32 statistician on 4 legendary items for maximum level gains later). Don't worry about getting too many statistician, you can duplicate them later using a trick.

User Info: raynforce

8 years ago#5
Next, you will want to get yourself a weapon called a Puppy Paw Stick. You can get this in one of two ways, by encountering Gardening Pirates on floors 71+ of a legendary item or by beating the game and completing the 10 gents map available only post game. I HIGHLY recommend that you get the one from the 10gents maps since pirates are annoyingly random. Create any level 1 character and equip them with your high level legendary item. Make sure it is packed with as many statistician as you managed to find. Equip the puppy paw stick on Mao. Now go to the level 1 character's classroom world and look for dropout clones. They should possess the legendary item you gave them. Hit them with the Puppy Paw Stick and hope that you steal it (20%) and voila, you just duped an item. Keep doing this until you have 3 testaments each with 8 level 300 statistician if you can. By the way, stealing does not work, you have to use the puppy paw stick. Now go and level some more at CoO4 (at least level 5000, but it will be uber quick now).

Now for the most tedious part of the game, collecting illegal tickets. Make sure to pass the bill for the dimension-x levels and put a member in that club. Go into legendary items (low level preferred) and just keep looking for pirates on levels 21+ and killing them. You need to collect at least 25 illegal tickets. If you are SUPER lucky, you may run into a vendor who sells them in a mystery room, but don't count on it. Once you have the 25 tickets, beat their corresponding x-dmention levels (alternates of the regular game's maps that are unlocked when you get the tickets). Once you defeat 25 x-dimension levels, you have the option to go to the land of carnage. The land of carnage is just a super difficult version of the regular world, however, CoH4 in the land of carnage gives ridiculous amounts of mana, exp and up to rank 39 items. Just level up in 7-3 and then CoH4 in the land of carnage and you will be level 9999 in no time. At this point, maximizing your characters and levels is all that is left. Check out Prometheusx303 and Kylain's faq at http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/ps3/file/942139/52697 from here on.

Well, that is it for now. I will update this more tomorrow. Hope this helps. Later.

User Info: Giga_Guy_X

8 years ago#6
Bookmarked and saved to a notepad .txt file.

PSN ID: Einslayer

User Info: KStar099

8 years ago#7
This is a nice guide, but I would have made mask heroes instead of moths. The mask heroes have flying movement, good base movements (6, or 8 with +2 movement from class world), and they can use fists (to knock gate keepers off of gates). A pair of these (1 to get rid of gate keeper, and the other to run) equipped with some good shoes (preferably with + movement bills) makes item worlds cake at ANY level (even 1) thanks to their insane evasion skill. You can even use them to tank level 9999 enemies while waiting for pirates if you move 10 spaces on your turn.

User Info: sephi_strife

8 years ago#8
Tag for later
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Tag for later.

I can wait until after I finish the game to do this.
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User Info: Eggy_Toast

8 years ago#10
Last night I was experimenting with Pirates and, low and behold, if you fill up the PPP group they show up *significantly* more often. To the point that I got raided on the same board twice! It's almost faster to do that compared to paying for them at the shop!
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