Where are all the pirates?

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User Info: evenstaves

9 years ago#1
I understand to get access to the alternate stages you need to first acquire an illegal ticket, but they only come from pirates, right? I have been going down this one item and I have not encountered any pirates at all in the first 40 floors!
Even Staves

User Info: KlayBuddy

9 years ago#2
Here's a list of all the pirates:

Floor 22+: There are 2 (Wise Innocents, UFO?)
Floor 32+: There are 2 (Eryngi*, Donna x2*)
Floor 42+: There are 3 (Lucky*, Cheerates, Cowboy*)
Floor 52+: There are 3 (Asian*, Sports*, Pirate Cleaners)
Floor 62+: There are 3 (Ghost*, Z*, Horizon*)
Floor 72+: There are 3 (UFO Pirates (?), Pirate Club, Garden*)
Floor 82+: There are 3 (Boney*, Kit Cat*, Element*)
Floor 92+: There are 3 (Shinsengumi, Red*, Prinny*)
Floor 92+ (Land of Carnage): There are 3 (Prism*, 10Gents*, Baal*)
Reverse Pirating: There are 2 (Prism Rangers, Masked Rangers)

To get one, simply wait one turn. If not a single pirate appears, it is safe to assume that you can move on.
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User Info: shahin_thakilla

9 years ago#3

it also helps if you fill the "PPP" club, reverse pirating club. the more you fill, the more chance

you have for pirates to show up.

User Info: Darth Stalin

Darth Stalin
9 years ago#4
is filling the PPP club confirmed? I just started reverse pirating, so.....i just started filling the club, haven't tried it, but I will I guess, since I am tired of rank 34 items.
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