Favorite Disgaea 3 quotes.

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User Info: Mark_Static

9 years ago#1
For this, it can be anything that was said in game.
From item descriptions to what an actual character said.

for example from Disgaea 2
the description of one of the items read
"I put on my robe and wizard hat"
If you get the reference..^_^

Stick to Disgaea 3 though.

Here I go.
Princess Sapphire: "Hmm, should I force him to open his heart with a chainsaw?"
"There is No Love!" Fear Factory - Replica

User Info: Rasumii

9 years ago#2
In class i made a catsaber that said "if you say "meow" its supposed to make you a suck up character (so, what)."

Also when i fought the chef guy champloo hes always says "Boom!"

Finally when Almaz came in the room in the beginning he said "oo i found a nickel, lucky me"

Those are my three favorite quotes so far.ill let you know if i catch up on anything

User Info: sion4ever

9 years ago#3
The dialogue about Sapphire wanting to remove her breasts cuz they get in the way when fighting and Almaz going all 'NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO'.

User Info: masterthing

9 years ago#4
If I remeber few of them would be....

Mao saying: I will make you fire missle from your boobs < to Sapphire
Mao saying: I will make you intercept satellite signal with your hair.

User Info: Skylan2021

9 years ago#5
Ill make you fire missiles from your boobs!

User Info: Zharoth

9 years ago#6
Anytime Mr.Champloo goes Boom! It reminds me of FPS Doug from purepwnage, I lol'd everytime. That and his silly laugh.

I didn't think the game was as funny as the first two, however. But hey, great game. :D

User Info: burnfist23

9 years ago#7
This topic should've been marked for possible spoilers but...

Saucy Mao: Aha! You like salt and pepper, don't you!? Warning! WARNING! Salt and pepper lover found!

Ms. Machiko: One two one two. Wiggle wiggle twist twist! <3

Savvy Mao: Why you ask? Take this! HOOORAAAAH!
Almaz: Ow!
Savvy Mao: Now didn't that HURT?
Almaz: Of course it hurt, you psycho!
Savvy Mao: Good, now listen up! Scaring hurts! Only "certain kinds of people" like pain! Normal people don't want to hurt!

Mao: Just kidding! Why would I let you die that easily?
Aurum: What?
Mao: You thought I would allow a normal ending like that? I will keep you alive. I've decided to keep you as my guinea pig for my evil research!
Mao: *Huff* *Huff* Especially with that final form! You're a rare subject. It will worth my time fixing you up!
Mao: Let's see. Rockets for your knees, missiles for fingers, and shoot laser beams from your eyes!
Aurum: What? You're OKAY with ending like THAT? Where's your happily ever after?
Mao: Muhahahahahahaha! Have you forgotten? I'm a demon! Your common sense doesn't work on me! TO. MY. LAB!!!

Laharl: Huh? What's the big idea? I didn't raise no son of mine to be some loudmouthed punk!
Mao: I don't remember being raised by you at all! Where did my dad go?
Etna: Hello, I already told you! THIS is your father! Why don't you go ahead and give him a hug?
Mao: Why the hell would I do that?

Flonne: I'm your mommy!
Etna: What!? I thought we agreed, Flonne! I'm the momma!

Etna: So, what made you want to marry him?
Flonne: Um...uh...well...like how everything revolves around him...?

Mao: To protect the evil of the Netherworld!
Almaz: We cause more trouble than what we're worth!
Raspberyl: We the 7 darknesses! Lovers of all evil deeds!
Sapphire: Will save the Netherworld with reckless ambition!
Bigster: With our powers combined, we are!
Salvatore: The cruel fighter squad!
Champloo: The Evil Rangers! BOOM!
Mao: What a completely unrespected dad...
Laharl: AHA! You just acknowledged that I'm your daddy! No backsies!
Mao: NEVER! I was amazed with stupidity! Enough of this playing around! I'll rip your masks off right now!
Laharl: Oh! You'd rebel against your father? Fine by me! I've been itchin' for a fight!

Laharl: I lost my height! I'm really 6'6"!

Baal: Surprise! Now go ahead and bow before me, gii! Otherwise, your blood will rain upon me, gii!

Mao's Dad: No, seriously dude.

There are a lot more quotes that I'd add, but that's it for now.

User Info: zinrai777

9 years ago#8
My favorite quote has to be Prism Red doing the Prism Ranger entrance by himself, but the best part of it is the end of the entrance:

"We are the Prism Rangers! ...Yeah..."

I laughed so hard when I first heard it.
Churro: When you make an assumption, you make an ass out of U and Mption, weddo!
Mao: Who the hell is Mption?
One of the many fools who facepalmed after throwing a thief armed with a Magichanged Prinny.

User Info: sephiraruku

9 years ago#10
Damn it, Burn Fist! I read that from the bottom-up. Thanks for spoiling Laharl's ending you jerk.
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