"Best" characters? (Story or generic)

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User Info: Kryhs

8 years ago#1
Most characters can be beefed up to be super awesome, regardless of their class, but what characters flat out rock the house (or are easiest to make super powerful)? I assume it's purely based on unique evilities?

User Info: mcnichoj18

8 years ago#2
Doesn't really matter, but obviously the story/cameo characters are a bit stronger then the custom units. Majin being the strongest custom unit. Don't quote me on any of this.
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User Info: Skel Ettin

Skel Ettin
8 years ago#3
Majin isn't that great imo.
really there isn't any hands down greatest. it depends on what oyu need them for. Alot of people like teh Masked Hero for Item world runs.

Adell is a really popular Unique Character but he is DLC
Thursday has the highest stat growth of all characters (base 155% for all) also DLC
Aurum and Gig are both monsters with 3x3 attacks
Ninjas can dodge skills and Magic really well.

Honestly it really just depends on how you set them up since you can transfer most evilities it makes most classes fairly even
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User Info: DaKingO

8 years ago#4
Addell(DLC), IMO is number 1 for me, although he's my least favorite Disgaea main hero
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User Info: JonnyDynamite

8 years ago#5
Shrine Maiden with an Axe is something to behold. 30% damage increase when hitting one target, a weapon that has two S-rank, single target moves... Hmm. Then you have a free evility slot to play with.

Don't ever even consider making a Majin for end-game outside of extracting their evilities.

The dragon DLC has, in my opinion, the best unique move in the game, a 5 square plus shaped A power move with a range of 5, making it (as far as 2.0 will allow me) the only multi-target A-rank non-magic spell.

Taro and Yukimaru have the strongest specials in the game. Taros' is an S-rank single tile non-elemental move that can be powered up to over 700%. Yukimarus' is the same, with an ice element added.

Of course, you can still do what ever you want to do. For example, I have Beyond X tearing everything up with Big Bang and dealing more damage to enemies than it's possible to have HP.
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User Info: deadkingdg

8 years ago#7
I don't use any story characters, simply because they cannot reach the base stats that generic characters can. All of my generic characters have been captured from LoC floor 99 in a rank 40 item will all stronger enemy bills passed. (capture a few enemies, exit, re-enter)

Those guys generally have better base stats than story characters could dream of. The downsides are that you cannot reincarnate them (you can, but they'll lose those stats and you cannot get them back), so you are limited in how you can build them, and they often come with strange skills. Like my Galaxy Skull has all Axe skills +9, but no spells. But my female Samurai had all the Omega Spells. But that's not that much of a big deal, you can just learn the skills you want yourself.

User Info: Christapo

8 years ago#8
Yes, the captured characters are definitely the strongest you're going to see, unless you do some really crazy grinding...
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User Info: sion4ever

8 years ago#9
Hero Prinny

Super Hero Aurum

Base stats:
Majin T6
Angel T6



Counter (human):

Counter (monster):

Best magic user:

Hero Prinny (breaks damage trophies)
Zetta (breaks Dark World)

Pauline + Super Guts
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User Info: Aerius

8 years ago#10
Base stats mean nothing. You are going to have problems maxing out (ie, 99 million in everything) because your aptitudes are horrible and MC related boosting methods will barely help you if at all.

It's not to say that capturing is always the wrong choice, in fact it's the right choice for many circumstances, but saying that it is the superior option in all scenarios is just misguided advice.
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