Why isn't Ridley confirmed yet!?

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  3. Why isn't Ridley confirmed yet!?

User Info: DigiHerokid

3 years ago#1
Ridley should have been confirmed!
What's with KI having SO much representation!?
Where's Chrob?
Lucas just a Marth clone and they better unlined Ganondorf if he gets in!?
Meta Knight is too OP!
The Gemalto leak is real and you're all so wrong just because there's a rhythm heaven enemy!
Gemalto is wrong until he fully right.
Look evidence JUL is Confimred!
Miss sick and don't even deserve one spot!
Sakurai is bias!
Where's Snake!?

So did I miss any?
3DS FC 2148-8476-2728 PokemonX:Austin "Fear is not evil.It tells you what your weakness is.And once you know your weakness,you can become stronger."

User Info: empireoffire

3 years ago#2
Niche characters
I gotta say
size does not matter....weight does.
other aliases: gamefreak043, Cyborg-Kangaroo, Joe The Smurf
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  3. Why isn't Ridley confirmed yet!?

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