Royal Weapon List!!!!

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User Info: Xelana

9 years ago#1


So here is that list people have been crying tears of blood for! (Magna Carta was an underrated game):


- Gallian-1R, Gallian-3R, Gallian-S1R, Gallian-S10R, Gallian-S20R

Machine Guns:

-Mags M1R, Mags M3R, Mags M10R, Mags M20R, Mags M30R

Anti-Tank Lances:

-Lancaar M1R, Lancaar M3R, Theimer M01R, Theimer M10R, Theimer M20R

Sniper Riffles:

-GSR-1R, GSR-3R, GSR-10R, GSR-20R, GSR-30R

Hope this informations helps as many people as possible ^.^

User Info: Seferaga

9 years ago#2
Thanks for the list! :) I was wondering how many Royal Weapons were attainable.

I hate to throw this off-topic in the first post, but you said 'Magna Carta'. :D Is it good? I've been wanting to buy it.
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User Info: Gamemaster64

9 years ago#3
You forgot to list how many of each.
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User Info: Ruby Sapphire

Ruby Sapphire
9 years ago#4

Magna Carta: ToB was crap. Utter..crap.
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User Info: Lord_Tic_Tac

9 years ago#5
^personaly i dissagree...i think it was awsome ^,.,^;;
id say go ahead and get it...cant be all that much now :P

User Info: LordofHamsters

9 years ago#6
You forgot to list how many of each.

The number is actually pretty random. I've gotten 5 GSR-1Rs on one award ceremony, while a reload of the same "session" gave me a Gallian, 2 Mags , and a higher GSR.

User Info: Xelana

9 years ago#7

The Royal Weapons you receive are indeed completely random. You have a chance of getting either riffle. machine gun, lance or sniper riffle. You are not garanteed to get each of them eiter, in fact you have to play the designated weapon stage couple of time to really get all 4 of em. And each stage have their corresponding weapons.

Example: you can get 2 riffle and 1 lance in a stage. Or 1 machine gun, 1 lance and 1 sniper. Or 3 machine gun. Or... you get the idea. So its really easy to miss one and not know if you didnt keep track which stage and weapon you missed.

I made a list so people can verify which they have and dont so they dont have to go through the pain i did redoing every stage and reloading until i get 1 of each royal weapon.

User Info: AngelOfIron

9 years ago#8
Hey Xel, any chance of you posting pictures of the weapons in question? I unfortunately don't have a PS3 yet, so I've been having to rely on YouTube videos and thus far no one's done anything really in depth with the weaponry.

User Info: Xelana

9 years ago#9
Unforntunately I wouldn't be able to post any pictures of the weapons, but you wont be missing out on much. They dont have major designs of omg super awesomness holy halibut batman or anything like some FPS games. More like add-ons and variations of the original versions. (Royal weapons are blueish compared to their original counterpart with slightly beefed up size and decorations, but thats it really) Worship this game for its intricate beauty, art and pure awesome gameplay, not weapons looks ^ . ^

User Info: AngelOfIron

9 years ago#10
Already do! Just curious was all. ^.^
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