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User Info: Snide_Scarred

9 years ago#1
What I'm about to post is from the Bully: Scholarship edition Xbox 360 boards posted by Ventis_El_Dante. all credit goes to this user, and I'm posting this due to the fact there is no 100% Checklist topic here yet, I searched 100% Checklist, 100%, Checklist. If there is already a checklist here I apologize but since I can't find one here it is (in separate post due to to many characters) :

User Info: Snide_Scarred

9 years ago#2
Posted 3/10/2008 2:07:10 PM
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Hi guys, not a regular poster here but noticed a lack of information regarding how to reach 100%. I would like to say that the crucial piece of information left out of all the checklists is that you need to do more than 30 errands to achieve the full 100%. I thought i had done everything when i was at 99.70% but then i did some more errands and got the last .3% These were the water balloon , the cop photo, the salvage the dock cargo, the satellite dish, egging the greasers and swim to the last island and delivering a package errands (most were found in blue skies by just skating around the area until i saw a blue X pop up) also for some reason i noticed more errands popping up if i was wearing the school uniform, may have been a coincidence but you never know.

And for your reference here is my checklist for 100% (what i have personally done, they may not all necessarily add to the percentage but its better to list everything):

Completed all classes to level 5
Collected all rubber bands/G+G cards/Gnomes
Complete all bike races
Completed all Go Kart Races (unlocking the kart itself)
Completed All Distance achievements (100km on bike and foot, 50km on skateboard)
Purchased all clothes (you will unlock the gold Elvis outfit, remember to buy all the clothes from the school shop, easy to miss that one. my total clothing items acquired was 334)
Purchase all items from the carnival shop
Beat up the secret pirate
Smash all pumpkins and gravestones (these can be found after halloween in the school basement and blue skies warehouse respectively)
Beat the keep up and pen shoot out games once
Buy 100 and drink 500 sodas (these can be done in any shop buying 100 a time, then exit and re enter the shop and repeat)
Complete the boxing side missions
Pull 20 fire alarms (getting the firefighter hat)
Fail any 3 classes (getting the dunce cap)
Take all yearbook photos
Do the jobs, these are all the paper routes (up to 24 customers) and the 2 lawn mowing jobs (both up to level 3)
Find all transistors and learn all moves from the school hobo
Unlock all save points (5 in total)
Get all the ninja costumes (black for doing yearbook, green for using projectiles 1000 times, and red for doing the big prank mission)
I have sprayed a tag of each group type (1 nerd tag/1preppie/1greaser/1jock)
Unlock all room trophies (40)
Get all the achievements, you might as well not sure if all of them added to the % but they add to your GS so what the hell, These include:
Do 200 wheelies
Give 50 wedgies
Kick 100 soccer balls
High score the 3 arcade games (consumo, Nut shots and Monkey fling
Win all 4 carnival games at least once
Ride all rides at the carny once
Hit 50 people with stink bombs and trip 25 people with marbles
Egg 25 cars
Pick 50 flowers, and kiss 25 girls and 20 guys (these don't have to be different people, just spam their lips with your mouth lust)
Knock out 200 people
After hours (which you should all get easily by just being out after curfew for 5 hours)
Taunt 50 people (just spam taunts at the school secretary)
Complete the errand achievement but keep doing any you see, i did 37 errands in total and each one added around .05% to my overall percentage.

Things you don't need to do (this doesn't mean you don't have to do them for fun, i just forgot):
starting a snowball fight
shovelling snow
also i completed the detention mini game and unlocked the prison outfit but didn't notice an increase in my %
you don't need to play the 2 future street race games

Hope this helps and if you have any questions let me know, good luck!

And that's it. Try to sticky this if possible and remember all credit goes to Ventis_El_Dante.

User Info: LKane

9 years ago#3
With regards to the dunce cap and failing classes, do you mean failing any of the same class 3 times (as in, say, English 3 times) or does it mean failing any class totalling 3 times (as in once English, once chemistry, once art)? I've tried doing the latter 5 times, but I didn't get the dunce cap.

User Info: Snide_Scarred

9 years ago#4
It might be the same class, but I'm not entirely sure yet. And it should say Fail 5 Classes not 3, someone corrected him in a later post in the topic which i didn't notice. Also if you have anymore questions a few of them may be in the original topic here: http://boards.gamefaqs.com/gfaqs/genmessage.php?board=942199&topic=41889893

User Info: EnterTheWu604

9 years ago#5
It's any 5 classes, doesn't have to be the same one

And thanks for posting this, really helpful

User Info: LKane

9 years ago#6

EnterTheWu604 posted...
It's any 5 classes, doesn't have to be the same one

And thanks for posting this, really helpful

Hmm that's odd. It didn't work for me. I must find out what's wrong later.

User Info: krpiper

9 years ago#7
Good list, got a long game in haul (11.09% lol)
Wii (Name: Kyle), Guitar Hero 3, Mario Strikers Charged, Endless Ocean & SSBB FCs in quote

User Info: Snide_Scarred

9 years ago#8
bump for sticky

User Info: MrLopezZ

9 years ago#9
How can you shovel snow or start a snowball fight. If your already past the snowy chapter??

User Info: LKane

9 years ago#10

I was at the point where I completed all classes, and I was trying to get the dunce cap by failing classes. Failing 5 classes didn't work. I kept failing and failing and well eventually I got it. What's wrong then? It's my understanding that you have to fail 5 of the classes that existed in the ps2 bully. I started by failing Chem, English, Art, Bio, Shop, Music Geography, Math all in a row.. nothing (but count that those classes consist of 4 of the original classes). Next day, I fail Chem once, bam, I got the hat.

Can anyone else confirm?

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