How do I pinch girls' butts?

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  3. How do I pinch girls' butts?

User Info: Darth Gecko

Darth Gecko
9 years ago#1
Teach me!
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User Info: skategamesrule

9 years ago#2
Press B when behind them
The more you know

User Info: WillyNilly

9 years ago#3
Approach target from behind
Hold down C to target.
Watch directional arrow - the thumbs down icon should change to a butt.
Hit right on the wiimote when it changes
Press A+B when prompted

Same process to do wedgie except instead of A+B, an upward motion is made with both the nunchuk and wiimote

User Info: coolman200

9 years ago#4
you walk real quietly behind em. then u stick ur hand out and make a pinching motion when ur hand is one their butt
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  3. How do I pinch girls' butts?

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