Kid on the cover looks like Bobby Hill.

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  3. Kid on the cover looks like Bobby Hill.

User Info: Samman123

9 years ago#1
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User Info: FreePablo

9 years ago#2
A King of the Hill game would be pretty badass. Propane tank attacks with Hank, Dale fighting government agents, Peggy fighting the one-eyed newspaper reporter, Boomhauer driving missions in his sweet Camaro, John Redcorn using the powers of his ancient tribe.
"if anyone understood "The Matrix Trilogy" then they are a bunch of nihilists." -gabrizzio555

User Info: PS360gamer

9 years ago#3
^^^That sounds like another family guy game. which is not a good thing
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User Info: Roso

9 years ago#4
Christmas is better, who needs 8 days of gifting giving and Hanukah is alright- my friend Jason

User Info: simpsongamer

9 years ago#5
actually Boomhauer drives a mopar. Im not sure whether its a Charger or something else but i can asure you its not a camaro

User Info: Xivios

9 years ago#6
Wikipedia claims it's a '68 Coronet.
It's true what they say, the grass is always greener, and you don't really know what it is you have, until it's gone. Gone. Gone...-Conker T. Squirrel.

User Info: ningtang

9 years ago#7
no offense, but he looks like he's undergoing chemo... is that part of the game? beating cancer (could be a good game.... I guess)? Seriously looks like he's 34 years old...

User Info: Lupinthe1st

9 years ago#8
it does not.

User Info: Lagunathemoron

9 years ago#9
He is just a skinhead.

But you can get him a haircut. The town have barbers which can grow hair =/
hi i am british

User Info: lokey013

9 years ago#10
Let go of my purse!!! I don't know you!!! </Bobby Hill>
XBL/PSN Gamertag: lokey013 I love you will always be in my heart...v_v
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  3. Kid on the cover looks like Bobby Hill.

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