whats the game about?

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User Info: tom1357910

9 years ago#1
what is the aim of the game?

User Info: jeff003

9 years ago#2

Basically your fighting school bullies but you can also bully people yourself.Your an antihero.You take classes,cause mistief,makeout with girls,go to the carnival and you can even swim.This game is loads of fun you can give people swirlies by putting their head in a toilet or wegies by pinching their butts..You can set of firealarms etc.There is so many pranks you can do.Your main mission is to stop Gary from overtaking the school.He starts off as your friend but quickly becomes your allie.

Go to Bullymissions.com.Everystory has a video with it.

User Info: jeff003

9 years ago#3

Edit he quickly becomes your enemy not your allie.

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