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User Info: Scoobz_UK

9 years ago#1
Interesting that R* are releasing this game.

What I mean is that it created a bit of controversy on release in the UK, hence the name change (Canis Cenem Edit). Although it sounds as though it didn't create too much as it is now called Bully also here or R* don't care as it is unlikely that it would be banned.

But was it really a big seller before? It came out toward end of my time with the PS2 (bless that console, Guitar Hero 2 still rocks! :-) ).

I did buy it on the PS2 and admit it is an outstanding game, even my missus enjoyed it, (think skool Daze on the C64but in 3D).

R* must really believe that it has potential to sell both to new users and people who will buy it again. The reviews look promising but it has to contain some decent extras and look/sound a lot sweeter for me to purchase it again (nice price would help also!).

How many people already own this game?

User Info: KevinMunro

9 years ago#2
I rented this game twice for the PS2. This time, I might buy it.

User Info: LabGemini23

9 years ago#3

I rented it for the PS2 once. Afterwards, I loved it so much I wanted to purchase it. Luckily before I ever made the purchase, I heard they Rockstar was making a (sort of) remix for the 360. So I decided to wait it out... and it hurts waiting for this long.

But in the end, as long as its Bully with additional features, it will be awesome.

Rockstar hasn't failed me... yet.

User Info: TheGTAvaccine

9 years ago#4
Yeah I bought it on PS2 when it came out, and will be buying it when it comes for the 360. Hell, i'd probably buy a box of poop if Rockstar's name was on it. Everything they touch turns to gold, IMO. (With the exception of Manhunt)

User Info: Scoobz_UK

9 years ago#5
I thought the only thing that let manhunt down was the awful camera controls and there fact that there were no gun executions animations (remember the game where you had a dog, dead to rights or something. That had great animations)

This was just about my last game I purchased on my PS2 and I managed to almost complete it (the missus enjoyed the classes).

Will the new missions, HD graphics be worth the £40 (approx). However in its favour, good game releases are few and far between at present after a storming couple of months (assassin creed, PGR4, COD4, Halo3) all of which I have now beat, except Halo3 which I have found quite Dull. So as a game to tide me over until GTA4, I think I may end up getting it. I am just hoping the graphics and sound do it justice for what is effectively a re-release.


9 years ago#6
i had it for ps2 and loved it to death
so im happy its coming out for the 360
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