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User Info: kurdish93

9 years ago#1
I can't wait for this game I loved the gameplay but hated the long loading time I hope Rockstar fixes it.

User Info: jeff003

9 years ago#2
The loading times I'm sure will be much quicker on the 360.

User Info: kurdish93

9 years ago#3
Lets hope

User Info: majax4

9 years ago#4
Most 360 games have no loading screens like saint rows.

User Info: Muck0 Man

Muck0 Man
9 years ago#5
How where the load times bad? It loaded once and then you could pretty much go anywhere with out seeing a loading screen. For a PS2 I must commend Rockstar on their accomplishment.
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User Info: Scrib

9 years ago#6
Seriously? You couldn't enter a building or start a mission without seeing the black load screen. Hell, the cut-scenes in several missions had several load times, The Rumble for example...
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