What U think Achievements will be....

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User Info: ifritsparda

9 years ago#1
Personally, I think some of the achievements will include

1 for each girlfriend
1 for each chapter beaten
1 for completing the rubber-band ball
1 for beating the game
1 for collecting all the G&G (Grottos & Gremlins) cards
1 for all the clothes
1 for each passed class

So this is pretty standard achievement stuff. What do you guys think?
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User Info: NoPayneNoGain

9 years ago#2
They should at least come up with some clever, low-point ones like Orange Box. Here's a few ideas I had:

A River Runs Through It-Make Algernon soil himself.
**** Authority-Sucessfully evade faculty/police after attacking/humilliating one of them.
RUSSEL SMASH!-Russel performs a powerbomb on someone.
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User Info: flying_ramen

9 years ago#3
1 for escaping 15 prefects' clutches.

User Info: Rkngl

9 years ago#4
1 for like 20 times hiding in locker
1 for 20 times stuffing people into lockers/trash cans
1 for beating each of the money jobs (paperboy, boxing, etc.)
1 for completing the yearbook
and for an easy one 1 for playing 20 hours
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User Info: The_True_DMage

9 years ago#5
Maybe a carnival one?
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  3. What U think Achievements will be....

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