Only 8 new missions?

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User Info: Nibbler

9 years ago#1
One of my biggest gripes with the original Bully (Which, mind you, I absolutely loved) was the somewhat short supply of optional missions. They had a chance to fix it here, and it seems that they blew it.

I'll still be getting the game (Since I never actually owned the original, just borrowed it long enough to beat it twice), but this is a little disappointing.
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User Info: FreePablo

9 years ago#2
Bully: Scholarship Edition isn't exactly marketed or being made for people who have beaten the game twice.
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User Info: SolidWander

9 years ago#3
I'd definitely love to get this game again, but I'm going to wait and see if these extra missions are even worth my time.
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User Info: GlassRabbit

9 years ago#4
as long as there are no gameplay issues, or other major technical difficulties i will be getting this game.

i never got a chance to play bully on the PS2, because my machine broke a couple months before its release.

but i must say; the developers had a major laps in judgement by adding a multiplayer feature instead of creating more missions or other single player content.

there are plenty of other games out there for those who want to play with friends. why play a bad multiplayer mini-game when you can play call of duty 4 or madden football?

seriously! i think somebody at rockstar has their head up their butt.
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User Info: liljl_416

9 years ago#5

One of the missions is called: Mircle on Bullworth St. where you talk to Santa then fight all of his elfs.

If you don't believe me go to then go to videos type in Bully Scholarship Edition and click on Bully Scholarship Edition Wii Preview.

User Info: ElixirGold

9 years ago#6

Hope a few of those missions actually feature missions involving Gary and Pete, not just random ones...

User Info: BrassMonkey

9 years ago#7
i finished the game, and am still buying the 360 edition. I want the best version of this game.

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