This or the Lost game?

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User Info: Cairnsay

9 years ago#1
In the UK (and maybe in the USA i think) this and the Lost game come out withing one or two weeks of each other, both games I want, but sadly as I'm not made of money I cant get them both on release. What do people reckon, I think I'm leading towards Bully as its going to only be £29.99 with most places.
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User Info: PacificCircle

9 years ago#2
Personally i would get this, the 8 new missions 4 new glasses sound so good. - Trailer if ya want it.
GT: PacificCircle

User Info: bigtimegamer413

9 years ago#3
Well, if you've played the original Bully, then I would suggest that you spring for the Lost game. But if you have played the original Bully, then this would be a really good deal.

User Info: RiKuToTheMiGhtY

9 years ago#4
Bully is a good game and new stuff will only make it better, LOST is a bad TV show and will make a terrible video game.

LOST had a great idea and pilot but it sucks big time now. - We Press Forward. . . By Pressing Back.

User Info: PacificCircle

9 years ago#5
*Classes heh my bad :P.
GT: PacificCircle

User Info: Mordecai the Mad

Mordecai the Mad
9 years ago#6
Yeah... if you have the option for a real game, or a game based off a TV show, always pick the real game.
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-- Rahab "Soul Reaver"

User Info: Legendtaker117

9 years ago#7
Dont force your opinions of a TV show on someone, personally LOST is my favorite show. Ive never felt it has gone down hill, but many fans feel that while season 1 was good and better than season 2, that season 3 is the best so far.

Anyways if your a LOST fan like me, and youve been watching from the beggining, get LOST. But if you havent played Bully, then Bully would be a good choice to. If I was in your position I would probably get Bully since Im craving an open world game right now.

User Info: imperial_agent

9 years ago#8

I'm excited about both Lost and Bully. What I'm going to do is get Lost when it comes out, beat it within 2 weeks, then sell it and use the money to buy Bully. From what I hear, Bully is going to retail for 40-50.

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