Graphics look a bit like PS2?

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User Info: SmackdownChamp2

9 years ago#1
Doesnt really look like next gen console to me.
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User Info: Chief_Defender

9 years ago#2
Looks leagues better than it used to. Certainly a better transition than Gun.

User Info: korajama

9 years ago#3
they just fixed the faces a little and helped with the shadowing not much but a heck of a lot better

User Info: XxKratosxX

9 years ago#4
Because it is a port from ps2?
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User Info: flashn00b

9 years ago#5
They just added bloom lighting, hi-res textures, and normal mapping. They just recycled the models.

User Info: Gamingguy87

9 years ago#6
I never owned a PS2 so I never got to play it. If it was any good, and reviews say it was, then the graphics don't matter much, since you will be playing a good game.

User Info: RyanSBHF

9 years ago#7
"Doesnt really look like next gen console to me."

That's because it's not. The 360 is current gen, not next.

User Info: Chief_Defender

9 years ago#8
I saw the PS2 Bully again for the first time in about 7 months (when I last beat it) yesterday on Cheat.
My first thought was 'my standards for acceptable must have gone up recently, this hasn't aged well'.

I then looked up the 360 shots again.

Big, big difference. Saying they still look like the PS2 version only works if you're strictly talking about design. The visuals are far better now.

User Info: King_Jeremy_77

9 years ago#9
As long as the gameplay is intact.
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User Info: Nivag18

9 years ago#10
I found that one of the 360 images shows the same scene as a ps2 image so if you compare them you can see very clearly how much the graphics have been improved.


Xbox 360
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  3. Graphics look a bit like PS2?

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