Let's hope the game doesn't get stuck at the ''eternal summer'' this time

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  3. Let's hope the game doesn't get stuck at the ''eternal summer'' this time

User Info: Vyce3

9 years ago#1
I wanted to see the winter and Fall events again after beating the game..
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User Info: spartan574

9 years ago#2
Don't forget holloween. That was hilarious
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User Info: RockstarGames1

9 years ago#3
yea hilarious (nerdy voice)
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User Info: GlassRabbit

9 years ago#4
a very good point.

lets hope the guys at rockstar have corrected this flaw.

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9 years ago#5
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User Info: jeff003

9 years ago#6

Yea it would be nice to see the seasons change at the end.

User Info: Shadow286

9 years ago#7
And hopefully during halloween, the prefex wont just come out of nowhere when I beat the crap outa Mandy!

User Info: Mauls_Mentor

9 years ago#8
Perhaps there could be a calender thing at the end of the game. You use it and select the season and holidays cycle from there. IE: Christmas in winter and Halloween in Fall and spring rain. (I though it was a holiday to get the ultimate umbrella anyway)
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User Info: King_Jeremy_77

9 years ago#9
I would like a Mission Select. I'm tired of R*'s games ending and you can't go back and play a certain mission unless you have a save near it or you restart the game (not including The Warriors). I don't wanna just run around, I wanna select my favorite missions so I can play them over again.
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User Info: HDCase

9 years ago#10
Can someone explain this to anyone who didnt play it on the PS2? Are you basically saying when you beat the game (it's one year right? or four?) it just stays on summer forever with no more season changes?
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  2. Bully: Scholarship Edition
  3. Let's hope the game doesn't get stuck at the ''eternal summer'' this time

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