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User Info: GO_Cleveland1

9 years ago#1
i was just wondering if the kids swear in this game(in the version ps2 because this obviously isnt out yet) i think that would be more realistic because its not very often you come across a high school or middle school kid who doesnt swear. and one more question, does this technically(spelling?) take place in high school or middle school thanks for any info.
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User Info: GlassRabbit

9 years ago#2
i don't normally flame people, but this is a really stupid post.

a game can be edgy and smart without cursing.

whether or not the addition of curse words makes a game more or less realistic is another matter all together.

to answer your other question; i believe the game is set in high school.

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9 years ago#3
i would say middle school
it has a middle school feel to it
its in a private school
it just feels like a middle school to me
like bully on the ps2
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