So...Does anybody do anything but complain around here?

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  3. So...Does anybody do anything but complain around here?

User Info: TonyMontanaJR

9 years ago#1

I go onto forums all the time and all I see are complaints about everything.The fact is(not this game)but alot of these games are still in development, and the companies are nice enough to let us see some screenshots to get the basic idea of what will be going on in the game.I have no problem with discussion,but let's not start to complain until these games are out.Problems then?Complain away.(oh and this isnt directed towards anyone here...i just happened to be at this forums at the time i decided to post this.Game looks sweet!)

User Info: Chief_Defender

9 years ago#2 just complained!

Seriously, I'm excited for it.

User Info: shadowlord1200

9 years ago#3
*insert complaint*
GT: Dark Knight1200

User Info: Old_Gooseberry

9 years ago#4
If this game ends up being full price... than people can complain all they want.

User Info: korajama

9 years ago#5
yes all we do is complain

User Info: schrodog

9 years ago#6
All that people do is complain cause if everyone on here had nothing to complain about then wheres the fun in reading. It's fun to read someones complaint and then prove them wrong and shove it in their face.
GT: SchroDogg


9 years ago#7
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: BigBadJB

9 years ago#8
Welcome to the internet, sir.

User Info: BrassMonkey

9 years ago#9
my ass!

User Info: gorgat

9 years ago#10
^Your ass is green :P
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  3. So...Does anybody do anything but complain around here?

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