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User Info: SparkzFisher93

9 years ago#1
So does anyone know if this game needs a hardrive to play. I know its a big game so I didnt know.

User Info: Shadow Slasher

Shadow Slasher
9 years ago#2
I don't know, but you should get a harddrive regardless.
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User Info: snake289

9 years ago#3
Nah it should't need a HDD,but you should really get one anyways.

User Info: jeff003

9 years ago#4

You do need a harddrive if you want to play your own custom music with the game.I won't use custom music most of the time but I will occasionally.I think Avril Lavine's Girlfriend would be the perfect song to play when Jimmy's making out with the girls.This is one thing I love about the 360.I also have a ps3 and it won't let you use your own custom music.

User Info: jeff003

9 years ago#5
You don't need a harddrive to play this game you can use memory cards on your 360 as well.

User Info: jimlad116

9 years ago#6
Alright cool. thanks everyone. i promis ill get a HDD soon lol

User Info: tomloadsadosh

9 years ago#7
You should have a hard drive anyway.

User Info: skategamesrule

9 years ago#8
Buying a whole buchof memory cards< hardrive. My friend filled up his first memory card in 2 games.
The more you know

User Info: Arkly

9 years ago#9
^ Really? It took me 5 games.
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