Just got 100% and here is how

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User Info: scooter2006

9 years ago#141
i cant get past 30 errands for some reason every1 says there is 50 but my game only registers 30, n i didnt get any credit for spraying any tags, im at 96 percent n cant get any future some1 help
LoL....For the person who asked about the rubberband on the gym....haha I had problems with that same one...I forgot where it was but, I believe it was in the gym not on top i remember for sure it wasnt on top....Im sure it was in the school keep looking you'll get it....

User Info: Cool_Motion

9 years ago#143
you don't need to drink 500 Sodas to get 100%. I personally have the BradyGames game Guide and it tells you that:

"Two-Can Hat" "Drink 500 Sodas" "not required for 100% completion"

And for Dunce Cap, you have to fail 5 classes. I just did Chemistry, English, Art, Gym, Chemistry and English. (I didn't want to fail Biology and Music.)

User Info: Carmine4000

9 years ago#144
i need 1 more rubber band and i have it but i can not ,for the life of me, find it help

User Info: TpainK

9 years ago#145
If you believe in Jesus Christ and are 100% proud of it put this as your signature.

User Info: Spawnofdeath09

9 years ago#146
I got a question. I didn't get the Mission Accomplished achievement at the end of the game. I realized I didn't destroy all the gnomes for the lady at the amusement park and I might have left out a few others. But I just got a question, is it possible to get the remaining missions im missing during the (endless summer) story mode?

User Info: jaredmercer

9 years ago#147
apparantly u need to take all yearbook photo's and i forgot to get eunice's and she's not at school and i can't find her n e where ive beaten the game and need to find her plz someone HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

User Info: SlavaPastuk

9 years ago#148
Is it possible to get 100% by renting the game? Or is buying it a good investment?
I do what I do
Still Throwin my comments up here for ppl who need help. The Live name is RichieFresh2008 if anyone needs help go ahead and ask me. Im here for anyone. I'll help you get some missing achievements or your 100% (Thats mostly what ppl need help with) But, yeah im here.

User Info: haxmya

9 years ago#150
to SlavaPastuk: It took me playing for 1 day 3 hours and 12 minutes to get 100%. So if you have the time to spend you can do it in a rental. Especially if you just gamefly it like I do :)

To someone who pointed out that there are punk clothes in the Barber Shop, thank you. That was the last thing I needed and couldn't figure out where the clothes were.
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